Big Brother's Kay threatens to quit AGAIN and break fire exit as feuds sweep through the house

It’s well and truly Big Brother now, as tempers flare and grudges start to form between housemates. That was the story of Monday’s highlight show.

With the two biggest personalities — Lewis G and Anamélia — now out of the house, the other housemates’ personalities are starting to shine through, and it’s beginning to look like some of them really just don’t like each other.

Case in point would be fun-loving Tomasz and the self-appointed house leader Akeem. Over the weekend, Tomasz was giving Akeem a lap dance, but it turns out the two had some hidden resentment that’s now surfaced.

At the root of the issue was Akeem coming clean about targeting Isaac and Zoe in Sunday’s task — let’s just say his attempt at a mea culpa fell flat with Tomasz, as you can see in the clip above.

Their tension came to a head later when Tomasz told Akeem that he’d been “playing a perfect game” but had “blew it”, growing angry when his fellow housemate refused to admit that he’d been strategising.

“Don’t bullshit a bullshitter for f**k’s sake,” an exasperated Tomasz complained. “You’re not being honest with me!”

Akeem swore on his dead father, but Tomasz wasn’t buying it at all and laid out a pretty extensive case that there was a deception in the works.

“I’m not playing a game,” a tearful Akeem literally shrieked.

Viewers mostly seem to be feeling sorry for Akeem (warning: NSFW tweets below).

But these two weren’t the only ones with issues! After growing close in recent episodes, Kay ended up on the outs with Lewis F after the latest round of nominations played out.

It all started with Lewis F warning Kay that Tomasz wasn’t one to be trusted. Have a look at his warning below:

Tensions then arose between Lewis F and Kay when she gave him a hard time for backing out of pulling a prank on Cameron, complaining that he was “sulking” while thinking better of teasing his friend.

“I don’t know what it must be like to be you,” Kay vented, with Lewis F firing back: “You cry every day! How dare you?!”

“To be honest, I’m starting not to like you really,” Kay admitted, with Lewis F insisting: “I’m not bothered!”

“You clearly have a lot of issues,” she seethed as Lewis grew angrier.

As Lewis F stomped off to the Diary Room, Kay clashed with Cameron when she tried to curry favour over the argument with Lewis, with the teen angrily complaining: “Don’t try and shit-stir!”

“You’re such a child,” she fired back.

Yet another bust-up led Kay to consider quitting the game for the second time in the last week during a Diary Room chat with Big Brother.

“I don’t want to be in the house with toxic people,” she complained. “I think Lewis is a very toxic person… I’ve just got a thing inside me that’s fight or flight. And right now, it’s flight. Can I go?”

Big Brother asked her to sleep on it, but that wasn’t good enough as Kay threatened to “break the fire exit”. That’s where the show left off in Monday’s episode we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see if she actually goes. But viewers are ready to see her off:

If she does stay, Kay may be forced to go on Friday night because she’s facing eviction along with Akeem, Isaac, Brooke and Kenaley unless, of course, one of them is saved in this week’s gamechanger.

Big Brother continues on Tuesday (October 2) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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