Big Sky Sneak Peek: Is Cassie Dropping Out of the Hunt for Ronald?!

Big Sky‘s Ronald is still on the lam — so why is one of the private investigators who swore to find him dropping out of the case?

Simple: She’s afraid that her kid is in danger, as we learn in this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s Big Sky (ABC, 10/9c).

Viewers will remember that Cassie and Jerrie found surveillance photos of Cassie’s son, Kai, in State Trooper Dewey’s home after he was murdered last week. And when Lindor swings by Dewell & Hoyt in this week’s episode, Cassie isn’t any less worried.

“He had a picture of Kai. That’s my fault,” she tells the still-suspended U.S. Marshal when he comes to visit. “By chasing Ronald, I made my own son a target.” (And you thought you had mom guilt.)

Elsewhere in the episode, which is titled “Huckleberry,” a woman comes to Cassie and asks her to help find her boyfriend, the teens argue over what should happen to the money they found, and Jenny and Cassie start to realize that the truck accident and the new missing-persons case are one and the same.

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Cassie tell Lindor about the epiphany she’s had about Ronald’s case, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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