Billy Porter Stirs Debate as He Appears on ‘Sesame Street’ in His Oscars Gown

While some people feel conflicted about the show introducing the concept of gender fluidity to kids, some parents have declared a ban on the children’s series.

AceShowbizBilly Porter has sparked a controversy with his upcoming appearance on “Sesame Street“. An LGBTQ activist, the actor has broken barrier with his gender-fluid fashion and that’s apparently the message that the show is going to deliver to children with his guest stint.

Teasing the forthcoming season 51, the show’s official Instagram page posted a photo of the “Pose” star sporting his black velvet tuxedo gown that he wore to the 2019 Academy Awards. “@theebillyporter bringing those fierce vibes to Sesame Street for #Season51,” so read the caption.

The photo has since received mixed responses from social media users, with some feeling conflicted about the show introducing the concept of gender fluidity to kids. “I’m not against it but I’m not for it either,” one argued. “It’s the parents responsibility to teach your children that love comes in all shapes sizes colors and it doesn’t matter what you wear. If they’re teaching them something important why should it matter what they have on or who they love. It doesn’t matter. ITS LOVE!”

Another agreed with the first user and wrote, “This is not okay… Him wearing this is his choice and yes, that is okay… However, you need to leave subjects like this alone and allow the parents to educate their own children when they feel the time is right.”

One other user added, “So sad to see this on Sesame Street, this is not what we grow up on, this is not about acceptance or love. This is trying to force someone’s lifestyle onto our children, this is confusing and dangerous.”

Some parents have made it clear that they won’t let their kids watch the show because of this. “Well! No more Sesame Street for my kids. Shame since I’ve watched you since I was little. Now you alienate white children and show them men with dresses on. SHAME ON YOU,” one declared. Another remarked, “My kids won’t be watching that.”

There were also some people who completely supported the show’s decision to teach kids about embracing diversity by featuring Billy in dress. “this is another teachable moment from Sesame Street and a great one at that .. Well done Guys,” one applauded the show. Another added, “Proud to watch Sesame Street! Proud of those who understand Sesame Street is about acceptance and inclusion! Diversity matters!”

Billy and “Sesame Street” have not reacted to the debate regarding his upcoming appearance on the children’s TV series.

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