Breaking Down All the Powers in 'The Umbrella Academy'

*Major spoilers for season 3 of The Umbrella Academy below!*

The Umbrella Academy is finally back, and that means we get to revisit our favorite family of misfits as they try to work together to save the world from ending (yet again) while throwing in a dance break or two in between. Although there’s another group of siblings getting involved, we can’t help but feel major love for the original group. But along with a new season comes new powers, and some characters got major upgrades.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Umbrella Academy’s powers.

Number One/Luther/Spaceboy

Luther’s power is super strength, and he was born with it. However, a botched mission left him close to death and Hargreeves injected him with a serum that altered his DNA and made him half-ape. At the end of season 3, however, his body was reverted back to normal…and there’s no word if this means his powers are officially gone too.

Number Two/Diego/The Kraken

Diego is known for his perfect accuracy, especially when it comes to throwing knives (his weapon of choice). He is also able to manipulate the trajectory of something already in motion, like bullets, to keep them from hitting anyone nearby. Through his training, he’s also learned hand-to-hand combat and how to hold his breath underwater for several minutes. But at the end of season 3, he drops one of his knives while twisting it, meaning he doesn’t have his abilities in this new timeline.

Number Three/Allison/The Rumor

Allison’s ability is making people do whatever she asks when she starts a sentence with “I heard a rumor.” In season 1, she was afraid to us her power after using it on her daughter, and she lost her voice at one point after a fight with Viktor. She later regains it in season 2, and in season 3 is able to command someone without saying “I heard a rumor” after killing Harlan. Since Allison was the one to activate the new timeline and wasn’t used to power the machine, there’s a possibility she might still have her powers.

Number Four/Klaus/The Séance

Klaus has the ability to interact with dead spirits and even bring them back in a physical form if necessary. Overall, he can use them as a weapon, especially in an area with multiple spirits around like a cemetery. His ability allowed him to see and interact with Ben even after his death.

Klaus is also able to come back to life after finding his way back from the afterlife. When he returns to his physical body, he immediately starts to rapidly heal his wounds, including bullet holes and broken bones. While it used to take him longer to regenerate, he is now able to do it within seconds of dying. At the end of season 3, his signature tattoos are missing along with his powers, meaning he is now mortal and unable to interact with ghosts.

Number Five/The Boy

Five is able to “blink” from situations, allowing him to travel through space, time, or both at the same time. If he is holding onto someone while blinking, he is able to take them along. Even so, a lot of his time jumps have not been perfect, so he tries not to do it often. Five is the first to discover their powers are missing at the end of season 3.

Number Six/Ben/The Horror

Although he died when he was younger, Ben remained a big part of The Umbrella Academy, especially because he can communicate with Klaus. His power allows him to summon octopus-like arms from his body. However, any pain afflicted onto them, he can also feel. Although not the same Ben from their original timeline, the Sparrow Academy Ben seems to be the only one from his group still alive at the end of the season after stepping out of the elevator into the new timeline.

Number Seven/Viktor/The White Violin

Originally thought to be the weakest member of The Umbrella Academy, it was later revealed that Hargreeves prevented Viktor from learning more about his powers due to how strong they were. Viktor is able to manipulate soundwaves to inflict damage on others. It is noticeable due to a white light that comes out of his chest every time he uses his powers. Due to lack of training, Viktor is sometimes unable to properly use his powers, causing him to spaark the end of the universe twice.

In season 2, Viktor was able to give some of his power to Harlan, Sissy’s son, to bring him back to life. This ultimately linked them together, but Viktor was able to cut the link at the end of the season. In season 3, it is revealed he also has the ability to regain powers he gave away back after meeting with an older Harlan. At the end of season 3, Viktor is concerned as he is unable to use his power again.

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