Britain's Got Talent contestant and Russian beauty Olena Utai stuns judges in her audition

Sexy professional throat singer Olena Uutai, 31, leaves judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams open-mouthed with her routine.

Dressed in fur and a headdress, she performs a series of noises using her vocals, a jaw harp and animal sounds which gets the crowd on their feet.

As her act turns into a dance track David gets up and dances urging the fans behind him to follow suit with a convincing horse neigh impression wowing Ant and Dec.

David, 46, tells the Moscow star: “You look like you’ve come from heaven.”

And Alesha, 39, says: “You are a stallion goddess.”

Also featuring in this Saturday’s BGT are three dancing eight and nine-year-olds dressed as superheroes.

One of the Cartoon Heroes tells Simon her super power is: “I bring luck to the team.”

Another says: “I make sure everybody is fierce and fearless.”

And the third adds: “I spread sass wherever I go.”

This prompts David into saying: “Just like me.”

Magician Magic Maddox will grace the nation’s TVs on Saturday with his Rubik’s cube.

He manages to complete it in just a few moves sparking Ant McPartlin to ask: “How does he do that?”

Maddox then removes the cube’s colours in a subsequent trick.

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