Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans call for Bruce Willis cameo before show ends

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans have called for Bruce Willis to finally make a cameo on the sitcom before it ends.

Bosses confirmed that the police comedy – starring Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero and Andre Braugher – will be coming to an end after the upcoming season eight.

Showrunner Dan Goor also announced that the series would have a shorter 10-episode run to bow out on.

Viewers were left devastated by the news, and demanded that Bruce appears in an episode so that Jake Peralta (Andy) can finally meet his hero.

The officer’s obsession with Die Hard has been a running joke since the show started in 2013, and he has previously insisted that the film is the only reason he joined the police force.

Flocking to Twitter, fans have begged for their (and Jake’s) dream to finally come true.

‘I’ve been on the @nbcbrooklyn99 train since the very first episode debuted back in September 2013,’ one said of the cancellation.

‘So, this is particularly sad news to hear. Hopefully, this season will finally see Jake Peralta meets his childhood hero, Bruce Willis.’

‘Surely they have to pull off the Bruce Willis payoff after seven seasons of setup…,’ another agreed.

A follower insisted: ‘Imma be real mad if they don’t get Bruce Willis atleast for the last season of Brooklyn nine nine.

‘My man Jake deserves an episode with his idol. Also they better make it a whole season w 21 episodes. 13 isn’t enough for a final season [sic].’

‘I’m gonna miss Terry Crews (PS Come on Bruce Willis do a cameo),’ a Twitter user penned.

As a fan added: ‘They really need to have Bruce Willis in the final season of @nbcbrooklyn99.

Over to you, Bruce… has contacted Bruce’s reps for a comment.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available to stream on Netflix.

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