Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams: The Sweetest Moments of Their Amazing Friendship

Dawson’s Creek’s legacy is more than just GIFs of James Van Der Beek crying. 

The hit teen drama gave viewers something to hold on to after going off the air in 2003 — Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps’ friendship!

The two first met working on the show and have been inseperable since. Williams even told PEOPLE in 2016 that Philipps was her soulmate.

“I’m so in love with her. She’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man! That’s the love of my life right there,” she said.

Flip through for their sweetest moments. 

One of their sweetest moments happened earlier this week when Philipps flew to be by Williams’ side on the 10-year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death.

On Monday Philipps, 38, shared a photo of her view of the sunset from an airplane with a red heart emoji. Then, hours later, she posted a follow-up selfie of her with Dawson’s Creek costar Williams.

“It’s ok,” Philipps wrote along with the picture that showed the All the Money in the World star, 37, with her eyes closed and leaning on her longtime confidant.

Philipps was with Williams the night Ledger died and even stayed with the actress and her mom the next few days. Williams and Ledger made Philipps and their Brokeback Mountain costar Jake Gyllenhaal godparents to their only daughter, Matilda Rose. 

The two harkened back to their Dawson’s Creek days when they posed by a dock and reminisced about the men they kissed on the early-aughts teen drama. 

“#wedontwannawaitforourlivestobeover,” Philipps captioned the shot.

Philipps documented a day out in Los Angeles with Williams last April when they went shopping, had dinner and even hit up a museum. The actress then wrote her friend a loving note on a makeup-free selfie.

“I’m sad we don’t get to live in the same place but yesterday was a perfect day together and just what I needed for my soul and that’s what best friends are for, right? To show up when you need them most and remind you of who you are and why you are and that no matter what, it’s all ok cause you will always have each other,” she wrote.

After documenting their Paris Fashion Week outings in October, the two decided to have a little fun back at their hotel.

All the fun went down on Philipps’ Instagram story, when the Freaks and Geeks actress lost her hairbrush and needed something fun to do with her friend as a distraction.

“We’re gonna dye her hair pink. What do you think? Is this a good idea?” Philipps (herself already pink-haired) asked her fans on Instagram as Williams giggled nervously in the background. 

After rinsing the hair dye out, Williams and her new master colorist debuted the fresh color while cuddling side-by-side in bed. And Philipps wanted to make sure we got the memo, shouting out PEOPLE directly to take notice of the new do.

“Guys my best friend now has … I mean, she is kind of naked, and she has slightly pink hair and it is f–king beautiful,” Philipps said. “Michelle’s hair is slightly pink and so cute. And look, she is like a little nymph asleep next to me. Listen, PEOPLE mag!” (Message received, BP!)

The two showed off their true best friendship status when scarfed down a plate of pasta after the show. Williams took Philipps as her date that year after being nominated for Manchester by the Sea.

Philipps poked fun at their style choices with a side-by-side of the BFFs back in 2001 and a then-recent in 2016. 

“I love that we almost always stand on the same side of each other,” Philipps wrote on her Instagram. “Also, can I just say-we aren’t at a costume party in 2001. That’s legit how we were dressed for a regular night out.”

Williams and Philipps popped into a Porta Potty at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards to take a bathroom selfie — just like every pair of BFFs do on a night out. 

“Michelle and I like this picture of ourselves in a porta potty better than any red carpet pics we saw. So here you go,” Philipps captioned the shot.

2017 was a big year for Williams — she was nominated for all the major awards for her role in Manchester by the Sea. Philipps was by her side through it all and documented it for her Instagram followers, including this fun selfie with Salma Hayek photobombing the two at the show. 

Philipps let her Instagram followers in on a little secret when she revealed that she was still holding on to Williams’ Golden Globe from 2012’s My Week with Marilyn.

“I was supposed to send it to her in New York after she won it so many years ago,” Philipps explained, laughing holding the award up for the camera.

“I couldn’t figure out, like, I didn’t want to ship it because I was nervous it would get stolen or something,” Philipps continued. “So then every time [Williams] comes to L.A., I keep meaning to bring it to her hotel and make her pack it in her suitcase, but then I always forget.”

Of course, Williams knows where to find it. “It’s here for safe-keeping,” Philipps said. “At some point, I’ll make sure that she puts it in her suitcase and takes it back…. It’s hard to be grown up.”

In an Instagram story, Philipps asked Williams if she ever watched the early ’90s show Life Goes On starring LuPone when she was young.

“It was the only show we were allowed to watch. I was obsessed with it,” Williams replied, adding that she was “still obsessed” with LuPone.

Philipps then prompted Williams to recall the time the Tony winner visited Williams backstage after one of her own stage appearances. “She told me I was good,” Williams says, adding that it was during her run in the 2016 play Blackbird. “I think she took pity on me.”

“No, that’s not true! You’re like, a five-time Oscar nominated actress,” Philipps replied.

Philipps exaggerated the interaction, saying LuPone gave Williams “a huge compliment.”

“I would not say she gave me a compliment,” Williams clarified. “She did visit the corridor that my dressing room was attached to, but not like a compliment.”

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