Canceled TV Shows 2018: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ May Be Coming To An End Earlier Than Expected

Ellen Pompeo has spoken about her desire to leave acting to focus on producing.

The list of canceled television shows in 2018 could be getting a surprising addition — Grey’s Anatomy.

Though the medical drama has now stretched on for 14 seasons, it appeared to be maintaining steam and last year 48-year-old star Ellen Pompeo signed a deal for two more seasons. But a new interview with Us Weekly revealed the show may be coming to an end earlier than most had expected.

Pompeo told the outlet that she and show creator Shonda Rhimes will make a decision together about when it will end. Rhimes has said that the show will not continue once Pompeo leaves, and that could be coming sooner than initially expected, Pompeo shared.

The actress said that she is ready to take a step back from acting and spend more time with her growing family.

“There is an end. It’s nearing. I want to be more involved in my kids’ lives as they get older. And they need me more, and this world is such a crazy place,” Pompeo said.

Other media outlets have now picked up on Pompeo’s comments, teasing what could be the end of Grey’s Anatomy.

Though there is no official word on whether Grey’s Anatomy will be canceled in 2018 or if it could stretch on for another season, Pompeo is already striking a reflective tone about her time with the show, which could be preparing viewers for its transition to the land of reruns. As Hollywood Life pointed out, she did sound more optimistic in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that they are focusing on Season 15.

There are other indications that Grey’s Anatomy will not be canceled — after this season, at least. The Zap2It blog TV By The Numbers called Grey’s Anatomy a “lock” for renewal based on its consistently high ratings, and likely would be able to stretch for another season after that.

Cinema Blend also noted that Grey’s Anatomy looked to be in good shape to return for its 16th season based on Ellen Pompeo’s two-year contract and her growing stature on the show, with an executive producer credit both on Grey’s Anatomy and a spinoff.

But Ellen Pompeo has also spoken about her desire to take a step back from acting and work more behind the camera. Pompeo said she would like to get more into producing, calling acting “a young girl’s game.” So if it were to only have one more season instead of two, critics likely wouldn’t be surprised.

Whether that means that Grey’s Anatomy could be canceled in 2018 — or after next season — remains to be seen.

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