Carey Mulligan’s ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue Crashed By Husband Marcus Mumford: “Did They Book A Musical Guest For Tonight?”

Tonight, Carey Mulligan made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, talking in her opening monologue about how nice it is to be out of the house.

“Oh my goodness. It’s so wonderful to be here. They just told me I’m the first English person to ever host this show,” she joked, “and as I’m saying that out loud, I’m realizing that could not possibly be true.” (British actor Daniel Kaluuya hosted the show just last week.)

Given the fact that production was shuttered throughout much of 2020, Mulligan spent a year quarantining in the English countryside with her husband Marcus Mumford (lead singer of the band Mumford and Sons) and her two small children. “So, it’s very exciting to be somewhere where shops are open,” she admitted. “I never thought I’d say this, but walking into a Banana Republic was a magical experience.”

During lockdown, Mulligan said she drove her “dramatic energy” into her children’s bedtime stories. “They became a lot longer, lots of recently divorced dragons and unicorns with secret pill habits,” she joked. “My kids would be like, ‘Mom, please. It’s two in the morning. Let us sleep.’ So, I’m very excited to be here tonight and let some of that energy out.”

It was particularly exciting for Mulligan to appear on SNL, given that her husband has appeared as musical guest three times in the past. Supposedly, Mumford would be watching his wife’s appearance from home. Subsequently, though, Mumford popped up in the audience, and Mulligan feigned surprise.

“What a surprise, lovely to see you,” she said. “Um, where are the kids?”

“I left them with the Sons,” deadpanned Mumford. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Ever since his first time performing on SNL, Mumford said he couldn’t get the experience out of his head, so he encouraged Mulligan to get as much as she could out of it. “I meant to ask,” he continued, “did they book a musical guest for tonight? If they end up needing anyone, I’m very happy to do it.”

He then pulled out his acoustic guitar, which he started strumming to the melody of his hit song, “Little Lion Man.”

Unfortunately for Mumford, tonight already has its musical guest in Kid Cudi, who is also making his first appearance on the show.

A two-time Oscar nominee, Mulligan is in the spotlight most recently with her turn in Emerald Fennell’s darkly comedic revenge thriller, Promising Young Woman.

Check back later for video of Mulligan’s monologue.

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