Carole Radziwill Doubles Down on 'Full of S–t' Andy Cohen Comments, Claims Bethenny Faked This 'RHONY' Storyline

The former Real Housewife goes in on Bravo, claiming she was “too rational” for the show.

It sounds like Carole Radziwill is still harboring just a bit of resentment toward Andy Cohen, Bethenny Frankel, the cast of "The Real Housewives of New York" and Bravo.

The former "RHONY" star stopped by Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show Tuesday to chat mostly about her participation in A&E’s documentary, "Biography: JFK Jr. The Final Year," but talk also turned toward "RHONY."

"I’m glad it’s over," Carole said of her six-year run on the series. "You know, I still am close to Dorinda [Medley]. Actually, she came to the screening of the documentary with me last week. She’s really awesome. I mean, she’s really a great woman and so smart and clever and such a good girl friend. She did not scream Jovani, she did not wear Jovani, there was no Jovani in the house.

When Jenny asked Carole if she was happy with the way her time on the show ended, Carole said, "Something like that that’s so big, it never ends as smoothly as you would like it to I think."

It was during Season 9, when Donald Trump was running for United States President, that Carole "had this feeling that [the show] was something that was behind me." She claims that "Bravo knew, too."

"We were kinda having that conversation, like, ‘This isn’t working for me, this isn’t working for you.’ I was really having a lot of arguments. Like, a lot of arguments," Carole explained. "Mostly with the network executives, not the women. I just always felt like I didn’t wanna argue with them ’cause I felt like a lot of them were emotionally unbalanced, and that made me nervous. But the executives — I was very defiant, I was very straight-forward. I really told them what I thought."

Jenny gleefully brought up Carole’s last reunion — Season 10 — where she famously told Andy Cohen he was "full of shit" and "afraid of Bethenny."

"Oh, that reunion was terrible. That reunion was nothing. There was so much more that they didn’t air. That was really difficult. That was a turning point," Carole said. "After the reunion, it’s funny because the very first thing I did after the reunion was I called my accountant because I wanted to know, ‘If I do this, how long could I go without a big paycheck?’ I mean, that’s where my head was at. It was really difficult. Andy was sort of — I don’t know. It became clearer. Now, I can look back and say, ‘Oh my God, yeah, that was definitely the end of the end of the end."

Carole defended her "full of shit" comment, saying, "Well, I mean, he was. If I said it, it was true. And he was. And he knew it, and I think he would know it now. I mean, there was just so many questions. It was very clear to me. And then later on, I think the audience thought that he was supporting Bethenny in this way that I’ve never seen at any other reunion do that. And it wasn’t just with me, it was with everyone. He’d ask these questions that were like really she probably wrote."

When Jenny asked if producers ever "forced" the ladies to fight, Carole said, "Force us? No, everyone fights. I mean, I didn’t fight that much, but they don’t force you. I know people do think that the producers tell us what to do or say, but they really don’t. The women are just enough emotionally unbalanced and wanting to get attention that it just happens naturally. It happens naturally that they start arguing in a way that they wouldn’t probably argue like that in their off-camera life. Sticking your head in the refrigerator and crying over a friend? I mean, that’s not happening in real life. That’s just like craziness. That’s just happening for TV."

She added, "I never thought I’d be on for six years, and [after] six years, it got a little repetitive. How many times could I roll my eyes and say, ‘Oh, Sonja, that’s crazy.’ I was never gonna get drunk on national TV. I was never gonna take my clothes off."

"But we got to watch you fall in love and be giddy," Jenny noted. Indeed, Carole fell for Luann de Lesseps’ chef, Adam Kenworthy, 32, and they dated for years.

"Yeah, that was sweet," Carole said, blushing. "Yeah, Adam. A lot of great things happened as a result of that show. I don’t have regrets for doing it, but I will say it was hard. Post-election and then the following season, I just didn’t wanna contribute to that conversation anymore. I just felt like it was getting darker and darker. One of the characters on the show was arrested and assaulting police officers and rehab."

Carole didn’t mention Luann by name.

Of her once seemingly tight-knit relationship with Tinsley Mortimer — which Bethenny Frankel referenced numerous times during her fallout with Carole — Carole made it seem as though the two were never close friends.

"I know it seemed that way, but Tinsley and I weren’t really clicking," she told Jenny. "We really weren’t. We were on the show together. No one wanted to film with her that much. I had fixed her up with this guy I knew (Scott), so it seemed like an easy way to do scenes together. And we filmed a lot together, but a lot of it was, ‘Oh, you’re gonna stay in Tinsley’s room,’ when the producers would divvy up rooms, and I was like, ‘Okay, but that’s not really what I would do. I would normally go to The Hamptons, and I would stay at Bethenny’s house. It’s weird that I’d stay at Tinsley’s.’ And Bethenny knew that."

"There was no clicking," Carole continued. "And after filming, I never spoke with Tinsely, and I haven’t seen her or talked to her in years — a year, two years, probably a year-and-a-half ago. We weren’t clicking. That was one of the storylines [Bethenny] was totally faking."

Carole said she considered Bethenny "a good friend" up until she watched Season 10 air along with the rest of America.

"I was like, what is she saying? None of what she’s saying is true," Carole said. "There was no dumping her friendship, not even distancing myself. She was obviously constructing a storyline for herself that really wasn’t based in reality."

"I was a very good friend to her. That’s all I’m gonna say," she added. "I supported her in charities, I gave her a lot of money, I supported her, I really cared about her. I remember when her dog was dying, I called her 100 times, texts and stuff. I was just being a really good friend to her. I think I was trying to establish some boundaries at the end, and sometimes, people don’t do well with that. I think I even said it on the show, it was getting [to be] a little too much Bethenny and not enough Carole in that relationship. But I didn’t blow that friendship up, and she knew that."

"It was definitely time for me to leave. I didn’t trust it. You’re doing something, being 100 percent real and honest, and this is my relationship and these are my friends, this is how I feel about you, and then to see someone able to construct that kind of narrative that really had any basis in real truth. I think at the end if, if I’m being honest, I didn’t trust the process, and that made me nervous."

Carole ended on an interesting note; she referenced Lisa Vanderpump’s recent departure from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," insinuating PuppyGate (which ultimately caused her to leave) had been perpetuated by showrunners.

"Lisa Vanderpump sorta said the same thing," Carole said. "She’s like, ‘Sometimes, the producers follow these storylines that they know are not true. I don’t watch the show, but there was some dog storyline, I guess, and she said, ‘Everyone knew that that was not true,’ but then that becomes the storyline, and that’s the part of it where you feel, ‘Okay, I’m not really trusting the process so much right now.’"

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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