Cartoon Network Introduced A New ‘ThunderCats’ Series And The Internet Lost Its Collective Mind

An iconic cartoon from the ’80s is coming back and people aren’t too happy about it.

It’s just common for old movies, cartoons or TV shows to be remade for today’s audiences, but they aren’t always greeted with a great reception from old-school fans. Cartoon Network has decided to bring back the ’80s cartoon classic series called ThunderCats, but they’ve done it in a modernized way. Not only does it have an updated feel and theme about it, but the series looks completely different as well and the internet really isn’t too happy about it.

When you mention the ThunderCats, fans of the cartoon will think of the villainous Mumm-Ra and the “ThunderCats HOOOOO” call of the hero known as Lion-O. The original series ran from 1985 to 1989, and there are many who still love to watch the dark action that made it so popular back in the day.

IGN reported that Cartoon Network wanted to capitalize on the popularity of that series, and it is why they’re bringing ThunderCats Roar to TV sometime in 2019. On Friday, they revealed a first look at the new series and well, it wasn’t exactly what a lot of people were expecting.

Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit are still lucky to be alive after their home of Thundera has been destroyed. Mumm-Ra is still the evil ruler of Third Earth. The two sides are still going to fight in a battle of good vs. evil, but it certainly won’t look or feel the same.

Obviously, it’s a very different style of animation, and it certainly isn’t going to be as dark or serious as the original ThunderCats. The thing is that many on Twitter and other forms of social media weren’t quite sure if this was something to take seriously or if it was a joke.

As soon as many realized that this was a real thing from Cartoon Network, they began doing a bit of comparison to the original series and even the 2011 reboot.

Others on Twitter simply weren’t sure what to think about this at all.

There are those who are in support of the new ThunderCats Roar series, though, and they are willing to at least give it a shot.

ThunderCats Roar isn’t going to make its official debut until sometime in 2019 on Cartoon Network, but it has certainly drawn a lot of attention already. The majority of the old-school fans don’t seem to know what to think about it and are fully prepared to dismiss it before it even premieres. Younger viewers may not even know that there was an original ThunderCats from the ’80s, but there is bound to be someone that reminds them of the classic.

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