Casualty's Iain Dean makes life-changing decision this week after Sam Nicholls funeral drama

Casualty’s Iain Dean will learn his fate this weekend as the aftermath of Sam Nicholls’s tragic death continues to rock the ED.

The popular paramedic (Michael Stevenson) risked losing his job when he owned up to the mistake he made on the day of the motorway pile-up.

As the team come together to pay their final respects to Sam, Iain struggles through his speech at Sam’s funeral and is mortified when he’s eventually interrupted by Dylan.

Unable to keep his feelings to himself any longer, Dylan puts a stop to Iain’s awkward eulogy and publicly blames him for Sam’s demise.

With emotions running high, Iain later confronts Dylan outside the hospital and an explosive argument between the two men quickly ensues.

As things get physical, a furious Iain ends up forcefully pushing Dylan – prompting the doctor to fall and hit his head on a nearby bench.

Despairing after his latest run-in with Dylan, Iain decides against going to his hearing later that day – insisting that he is done with both his job and the ED.

Despite support from Gem, Ruby and Jan, Iain refuses to back down and looks set to pack his career in for good. Can anyone change his mind? Or is this the end of the road for Iain?

Casualty airs on Saturday, September 1 at 9.10pm on BBC One.

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