Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48, posts cute throwback pic of the first time she met husband Michael Douglas, 73, at a film festival

The Welsh star shared a picture of her giving the actor a sideways glance at a French film festival 20 years ago.

She captioned the snap: "Meeting my husband for the first time at the Deauville Film Festival. Can’t remember what he was talking about."

After Catherine, 48, met Michael, now, 73 back in 1998, the couple got engaged the following year.

They were married in New York in 2000 and have two children together – Dylan, 17 and Carys, 15.

The couple survived a rocky period in their marriage back in 2013 when they briefly separated before reconciling a year later.

Last year the actress revealed the key to the couple's long and successful marriage is that they listen to one another.

After overcoming Michael's battle with cancer and her own battle with bipolar disorder, the star says they are in a better place than ever.

She said: "I'm very blessed. I have a husband who listens to me and I'm a wife who listens to him.

“That's why – although every marriage goes through its ups and downs, its times of adversity – we've come to a place where we couldn't be better.

“I have a very healthy husband, a very healthy mother and two vivacious, healthy children.

"I think after that, everything just falls into place.”

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