Celebrity Big Brother fans demand Rodrigo Alvez is removed after he asks Ben Jardine to show him his privates

The cosmetic surgery lover went up to Married At First Sight star Ben while he was enjoying a bath and tried to get him to expose himself in the bathroom.

Viewers were left feeling uncomfortable at Rodrigo's actions and demanded bosses take action after they allowed him to remain despite him using the N-word twice during Friday night's episode.

One wrote: "I find Rodrigo utterly vile. Constantly pestering Ben to see his private parts, etc. Get a grip, and remove him from the house. #CBB"

Another added: "If that was a woman in the bath and one of the fellas went up and said 'let's see your…' and started moving their arm they'd be booted out. That #cbbrodrigo is knocking me sick . #cbb #cbbstorm"

Bosses have given Rodrigo Alves a formal warning for using the N word – but are standing by their decision not to evict him.

Fans have called for him to be removed for using the offensive language – just like 2007 housemate Emily Parr.

Their decision to just give him a formal warning has come underfire from viewers, who believe he should be expelled.

But when asked by The Sun why he wasn't removed Channel 5 told us: "Big Brother does not condone or tolerate the use of any kind of racist or offensive language in the Big Brother house.

"Rodrigo has received a formal and final warning and if such language is used again in the house, he will be removed immediately. Rodrigo has apologised for his comment"

It all started when the 35-year-old human Ken Doll stunned viewers when he casually dropped the offensive word into conversation as he chatted up Dan Osborne.

He sat on a bed with Gabby Allen, Natalie Nunn and Chloe Ayline when he quizzed Dan, 27, about his love life.

Rodrigo asked Dan: "Are you married? The girls want to know, not me, you're not my type anyway. No for God's sake.

He added: "I like a n**** boy, he's too white for my sake. I like a n**** boy."

Dan looked taken aback, but nobody mentioned what he had said and the episode moved on to the housemates getting ready to go to sleep.

The next day, Rodrigo explained to Big Brother in the diary room that he was drunk and he was let off with a final warning.

People at home were shocked that Rodrigo was allowed to stay in the house at all and demanded Channel 5 bosses kick him out.

One fan said: "That word is vile!!! Sorry but #Rodrigo should be thrown out the back door. Previous people have."

Another incensed viewer said: "I’m sorry but how tf can you say the N word TWICE WITH YOUR CHEST and all you get is a warning?!?!! Nahh Rodrigo is cancelled and so is big brother"

Another person added: "i’m sorry but rodrigo should have been removed for that disgustingness"

As one more added: "Rodrigo is bound to be ejected from the house soon then.. seems like it's a word he uses regularly"

Another another fans said: "If Rodrigo was in the normal Big Brother he would’ve been kicked out straight away but because he’s a ‘celeb’ he can say the n word twice and get away with just a warning? Get him off my TV"


He was reprimanded for using the racially offensive language in the diary room.

Talking to him in the diary room, Big Brother said: “It is not an excuse, Rodrigo.

“BB regards it to be totally unacceptable. As a result, we are giving you a formal and final warning. If you use it again you will be removed.”


Earlier in the evening Rodrigo couldn't disguise how much he fancied Dan and Ben Jardine.

He lay sprawled on a bed with Ben and wrapped his arms around him.

And at one point he grabbed a kiss from the tattooed hunk.

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