Chanelle Hayes forced to have anniversary meal in bed as she struggles to move after M.E diagnosis

CHANELLE Hayes was forced to celebrate her and boyfriend Daniel's anniversary in bed yesterday after her Myalgic encephalomyelitis diagnosis.

The former big brother star, 34, suffers from the chronic fatigue condition that can cause muscle weakness, allergies and an irregular heartbeat.

Looking pale and poorly, Chanelle shared a selfie from her bed and told fans: "Today has been a bit of a crappy anniversary, I've been in bed all day not very well [crying emoji]. But my Daniel has taken care of me all day long because he's the bestest."

She then posted a picture of her tasty steak dinner with peppercorn sauce, new potatoes and shredded cabbage.

The mum-of-two, who is private about her relationship, called Daniel her "lobster forever"in another loving tribute.

Chanelle recently told The Sun she is taking seven medications a day to ease the agonising pain from her M.E.

At her worst, she was left bed-bound for days after drinking just one glass of wine or doing a workout.

She compared the pain to childbirth, saying she constantly feels like her “bones are going to explode”.

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Her health has got so bad she's been forced to give up going to the gym, drinking alcohol and enjoying nights out with friends because she’s always so exhausted.

"It's a hidden disability that people scoff at thinking you're just being lazy," said Chanelle.

"But there are days I've slept for 14 hours and when I wake up in the morning I still haven't got enough energy to brush my teeth or do my hair.

"It's literally awful and so frustrating. I've found myself crying because I get so mad at how tired I get.

"I can't understand why my body won't let me do certain things.

"I'm a qualified personal trainer and love going to the gym, but I physically can't go anymore. Once I go I'm out of action for about four days in bed.

"I feel like I am missing out on lots of time with the kids because I'm sleeping so much. I've even lost more weight than I wanted to because of how much I'm asleep."

Chanelle – who found fame on Channel 4's Big Brother in 2007 when she was just 19 – has struggled with fatigue, as well as joint and muscular pain for years prior to her diagnosis.

She said her M.E. went undiagnosed for years because of her obesity and was only discovered after she lost nine stone.

The star's recent weight loss from a gastric sleeve op helped curb her “addiction” to binge-eating.

But despite now being in the best shape of her life, the mum-of-two has secretly been suffering with the chronic fatigue syndrome that leaves her in excruciating agony.

The student nurse told The Sun: "I always put my symptoms down to being so obese.

"I thought 'I'm overweight, it's my own fault, no wonder I'm tired all of the time and no wonder my joints are killing me.'

"Then as I started to lose weight I felt like the pain was getting worse and worse."

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