Charlotte Churchs Life Stories postponed as Masked Singer rumours continue

Charlotte Church’s TV interview with Kate Garraway has been pulled for the second week running.

The Voice of an Angel star, left, recorded an episode for ITV's Life Stories which was due to air last Thursday.
But it was replaced with Kate's special on football legend John Barnes.

Charlotte's show was set to be broadcast tonight but now viewers will see an interview with Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.

This has led to speculation that Life Stories has been delayed because the Welsh singer is about to be revealed as Mushroom in Saturday's Masked Singer final.

A source said: "If Charlotte is Mushroom it makes sense to hold her episode until after she has been unmasked."

It isn't the first time that the Welsh singer has been linked to the character on the wacky ITV guessing gameshow.

Earlier in the week, eagle-eyed fans of the programme had taken to Twitter with an odd clue that seemed to point all fingers at Charlotte being Mushroom.

Viewers had spied a significant little finger gesture in one of Mushroom appearances on stage.

Knowing that they'd seen that notion somewhere before they scrolled through forty minutes of Catch Phrase footage to unveil the songstress creating the very same move on Stephen Mulhern's show.

According to fans, Mushroom’s hand gesture to her chin is believed to be a direct indicator that the singer is hiding behind the mask.

Sharing side-by-side snaps that showed the very same gesture, one fan announced on Twitter: "NO. way Charlotte Church literally did the same thing that Mushroom did.

"All the clues linking up, the song clue, the voice is literally her and now THIS!!!…. Okay so Mushroom is well and truly Charlotte Church. Im so proud of her. Amazing person#themaskedsinger."

Other fans became convinced that the Crazy Chick star had been hiding behind the purple and floral costume after they'd managed to crack a numeracy code show in the VT on the programme.

The numbers "375997" were flashed up on screen and clever viewers were able to decipher the numbers which spelt the word "eglwys" in Welsh which in English translates to "Church".

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