Charlotte Dawson praised by mums after opening up about 'pain and sleepless nights' in honest breastfeeding post

CHARLOTTE Dawson has been praised by parents for her "transparent" post about struggling to breastfeed newborn son Noah.

The 28-year-old, who welcomed her first baby last month, opened up about "the pain and sleepless nights" of getting to grips with the feeding routine.

Reality star Charlotte, the daughter of late British comedian Les Dawson, told her followers she felt "rewarded" for persevering with breastfeeding.

The mum-of-one, who shares baby Noah with fiancé Matt Sarsfield, was showered with praise by fans for the "honest" post.

Alongside photos and clips from the past month, Charlotte explained how she's developed a "magical bond" with her son since the birth.

"I've been breast feeding for nearly 4 weeks now and I'm feeling so proud as the health visitor weighed our cherub yesterday," she began the post.

"Obviously mamas doing something right with her udders – but it's not all happy smiles as I show my pictures here.

"I can't even explain the pain in the first week, my nipples felt like they were gonna fall off, the cuts were so bad. Thank god for nipple cream."

Charlotte went on to reveal how she wanted to "give up so much" after suffering "sleepless nights" and "painful t**ies".

"I carried on and stayed strong," she continued. "I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it's hard. You're on demand constantly. I feel like I can't get anything done.

"But it's so rewarding. So glad I did stick to it because it's so much better."

Charlotte encouraged mums "not to put pressure on" themselves with breastfeeding, telling them "fed is best" no matter how.

"If I do a few more weeks or a few more months, amazing, but if I can't I'm not a failure," she added. "And I want all my other preggo birds asking for advice to feel the same."

The reality star rounded up the post by celebrating the "magical bond" she's grown by continuing to breastfeed her son.

"I'm loving my little magical bond with my Noah," she wrote, before promising other mums "it gets easier".

Both mums and dads flooded the comments to praise Charlotte's "honest" post and thanked her for remaining "down to earth".

"Absolutely love your down to earth posts," one woman wrote. "You tell it how it isthat’s what new mums and mums to be need to know."

Another agreed: "Beautiful and so raw and real. Thanks for being transparent with us. You are doing an amazing job."

"I love how honest you are about it all," a third chimed in. "Motherhood is worth it but hard, and you being open and honest helps us all."

One dad took to the comments, too: "As a part time stay at home dad, you are a great role model using your social platform for self-effacing honesty."

Others thanked Charlotte for noting "fed is best" after being "looked down on" and having "comments thrown in their face" for bottle feeding.

"I couldn’t breastfeed my little girl and have had back handed comments thrown at me because of this and it hurts," one mum opened up.

"I’m so glad you said fed is best. Couldn’t have put this better myself ."

It comes days after a furious Charlotte hit back at mum-shamers who slammed her for putting a "dangerous" phone charger in the baby's cot.

The reality star told the trolls to "shut up" after they berated her for leaving a phone charger near newborn son Noah.

When mum-shamers flooded her inbox, the star hit back, saying: "There have been so many messages about that video that I put on with Noah in his cot and the charger in his cot, slightly, nowhere near him.

"I was charging my phone literally for two minutes, and I went like that and then took it straight back out."

She bit into a burger as she added: "Honestly, people need to shut up. I'm not stupid, like I'm not an idiot like honestly, chuff off."

Charlotte has been keeping it real on Instagram after giving birth to her baby, showing off her "tiger stripes" and promising to love her stretchmarks.

One picture showed Charlotte with a big bump just days before giving birth, while the one beside it saw her in the same outfit and spot, but with a noticeably smaller tum.

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