Charlotte Hawkins steps in as GMB Boris leadership row erupts ‘Don’t make it personal!’

GMB: Hawkins interrupts debate between guests

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Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray invited Nina Myskow and Alex Deane onto Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain to debate whether Boris Johnson’s position as Prime Minster is safe following a rebellion by 101 Tory MPs over Covid passes in England. However, Hawkins stepped into the discussion to remind Nina Myskow to let Deane have his chance to air his views. 

Deane defended the Prime Minister and urged GMB “not to make it political” when discussing Johnson’s role as Leader of the Conservative Party. 

Ray hit back and argued people had a right to make it political as so many, including himself, had lost family members during the pandemic. 

Defending Ray, Myskow said: “Hundreds of thousands of people in this country who have been bereaved who are mourning people, who are facing a Christmas for the first time without their relative.” 

“I’m doing that too so I hope I’ve answered your points,” Deane remarked. 

Speaking over Deane, Myskow added: “Therefore you should have more empathy…”

Interrupting, Hawins ordered: “Nina, can we let Alex speak on this and Alex can I say we are sorry about your father to do with this.”

“Let’s try not to make it personal, how about that?” Deane quipped.

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