Chicago Fire’s Monica Raymund opens up on real reason for exit ‘My time was up’

Official Trailer – Hightown Season 2 on Starz

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Chicago Fire and Chicago PD fans loved Monica Raymund’s portrayal of Gabriela Dawson over the years on NBC. Sadly, the star decided to leave the show back in 2019, shocking viewers. recently spoke to the star about her time on the show and season two of Hightown on Starzplay.

Why did Monica Raymund leave Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire is the hit NBC series following the lives of firefighters and paramedics on both a professional and personal level.

First airing in 2012, the show has gone on to be a major hit for the network, spawning two spin-offs – Chicago PD and Chicago Med.

Monica Raymund appeared in all three shows, though she was best known for Fire, starring in the role for six years.

In 2019 the star announced she was leaving the show, shocking long-time fans of the series.

Speaking to, Raymund revealed that she had simply reached the end of her journey on the series.

Raymund explained: “I didn’t have any work lined up after Chicago Fire.

“I took a very big risk because job security is always nice, but I just knew my time was up.

“I fulfilled my commitment to the show, did my job and you know, six years is a long time.

“I just had different desires and hopes and dreams and I knew that it was my time to move on.”

Raymund went on to say how she still has a close relationship with the team behind Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

The star appeared in the series for over 100 episodes, not including her cameos in PD and Med.

Before taking on the iconic role of Gabriela Dawson, Raymund began her career in short films, as well as a small appearance in Law & Order: SVU back in 2008.

She went on to star in projects such as Lie to Me and The Good Wife, before taking on her latest series post-Chicago Fire.

When does season two of Hightown premiere?

For Raymund fans, there is another show to catch the star in as Hightown returns for its second season.

Premiering on Starzplay on Sunday, October 17, the new season will be picking up directly from where season one left off.

Starring as Jackie Quinones, the sequel season explores how Jackie is dealing with her sobriety and the ongoing challenges of addiction.

Now a fully-fledged police officer herself, Jackie will team back up with Ray Abruzzo (played by James Badge Dale), who is in a much darker place in season two.

Speaking to Raymund revealed what to expect from season two: “We’re going to be introduced to Jackie’s father.

“We’re going to see the influence that he has on her and had on her.

“You’ll see Jackie falter a little bit, she thought she had this ground of sobriety, this ground of purpose. And then introducing her father starts to rock her world.”

Raymund joined Hightown shortly after leaving Chicago Fire, with season one debuting in 2020.

Chicago Fire is available to watch on NBC and Netflix in the USA. The series is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Hightown season 2 premieres Sunday, October 17 on STARZPLAY.

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