Concerned Dec tries to relax ‘stressed’ Ant weeks before drink-drive shame

Dec Donnelly seemed concerned about Ant McPartlin’s stress levels weeks before his drink-drive disgrace.

The Geordie presenter was seen trying to relax his best pal during the audition stage on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Troubled Ant, who returned to TV screens for the first time since pleading guilty to drink-driving, got a massage from Dec in pre-recorded scenes.

The TV star, who appeared gaunt and strained as he arrived at Wimbledon Magistrates Court on Monday, looked drastically different on screen as he joked around with Dec.

The Geordie duo were seen cracking jokes at the expense of a Hungarian singer during his very bizarre audition.

Andras Lovas, 46, received four ‘no’s’ and a lot of puzzled looks when he performed a unique style of improvised singing.

The presenters felt his weird singing voice was therapeutic, so Dec started chopping his hands across Ant’s back in a bid to calm him down.

"Ah yeah that’s better," said relieved Ant as he closed his eyes to try and get into a better mind space.

Ant was clearly impressed as he asked his pal if he did reflexology, better known as a foot massage, as well.

"No not with your old trotters," joked Dec, who hinted at Ant having smelly feet.

The giggling presenter replied: "Oh – that’s a shame."

Three of the judges pressed their buzzers straight away, but in a shock move it was actually Simon who wanted to hear more.

Eventually the other judges managed to press his buzzer and bring an end to the strange performance.

"If I was having a massage this would work," said Simon, but it wasn’t enough to gte a single ‘yes’ from any of the judges.

*Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays on ITV at 8pm

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