Coronation Street: Asha's sexting scandal explained as her video goes viral

CORONATION Street fans were horrified as teenage Asha Alahan stripped off for her boyfriend Corey on video chat on last night's episode.

But how does the footage end up going viral on the ITV soap? Here’s everything you need to know about the sexting scandal…

What do we know about Asha’s video in Corrie?

Fans were horrified when Asha was manipulated into stripping off for her boyfriend Corey on video chat last night in Coronation Street. 

Corey told her she was pretty, before manipulating her into taking off her top.

He said: “Show me. I really, really like you. Please.”

After making Corey promise not to tell anyone, Asha did as he asked. 

Fans were horrified by creepy Corey and took to Twitter to express their fears for Asha.

One tweeted: "How old is the guy that Asha is interested in? Because he looks like he’s in uni, what a creep."

Another added: "Poor Asha it doesn’t get any better when dealing with boys… teenage jerks tend to grow up into adult ones."

A third said: "Poor Asha! Cory's a creep #Corrie."

How does the video go viral in Corrie?

Everyone gathers at Amy’s house this week for a party and Asha tells Amy that she stripped for Corey on FaceTime. 

Corey scrolls through the pictures of Asha at the party when he accidentally smashes one of Tracy’s new lamps. 

Amy is furious and starts an argument with Corey about the damage he's done to her house.

Fiery Amy also has a go at new girl Kelly and blames her for all the gatecrashers who've turned up at the party.

While everyone argues, Kelly sends pictures of Asha’s video around the group chat as an act of revenge.

When Asha returns home, she is horrified to discover the intimate photos have been shared.

While everyone argues in the wake of the crash, the video is sent to the ‘party people’ group chat – and is then leaked on the internet.

How does Asha’s father Dev react in Corrie?

Spoilers have revealed that David will reveal what’s happened to Dev after he spots the video of Asha on David’s phone. 

Dev is furious at first and rages at Asha for being so stupid. 

But he later supports her when she breaks down in tears. 

Asha begs her dad not to go to the police and at first he agrees. 

But when he discovers that the video has been leaked on the internet, he rushed to the police station to report the school kids. 

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