Coronation Street: Daniel Osbourne’s romance with sex worker Nicky explained as the widower finally moves on

DANIEL Osbourne finally moved on from his late wife Sinead in Coronation Street with newcomer Nicky but was horrified when he realised she was a sex worker.

But Kimberly Hart-Simpson – who plays Nicky on the ITV soap – has hinted at a ‘happy future’ for Daniel and Nicky. So are the pair going to become an item? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Are Daniel and Nicky going to become an item in Corrie?

Daniel was initially horrified when Nicky told him the cost of sleeping with her – having not realised she was a sex worker – and handed her two £20 notes before storming off. 

But Daniel later paid Nicky another visit and opened up about how lonely he is without Sinead – the extent of which he’s tried to keep hidden from his friends and family. 

But is there a genuine connection between the pair?

Corrie fans have been left fearing grieving Daniel will only end up getting hurt by Nicky. 

One fan tweeted: "Is Nicky all that she seems . I hope Daniel don't get hurt by her #Corrie."

Another added: "Daniel has to be careful. Nicky is using him #Corrie."

But with Corrie yet to confirm exact plot details, fans will have to tune in to find out whether there's romance or friendship on the cards for the pair.

What has Nicky actress Kimberly Hart-Simpson said about the storyline?

Speaking about Daniel’s shocked reaction to Nicky being a sex worker, Kimberly told RadioTimes: “The way I feel about it is that Daniel isn’t hurt that she is a sex worker, I think he’s hurt that he thought somebody genuinely liked him and he’s embarrassed by that. So when he reacts the way he does, he is just embarrassed and wants to go.”

She also hinted at a possible future friendship between Nicky and Daniel:“I think he deserves a happy ending. He needs to laugh a bit and to find himself again and I don’t think he is rushing or moving on too quickly. You can’t time love. I would love for them to have a happy future together where they are best friends and they help each other.”

Speaking about Daniel moving on from Sinead, she added: “It can go two ways. On the one hand, you’ll have people saying it’s too quick but on the other, they’ll be those saying just let him be, he deserves some happiness. You want to divide the audience and I’m ready for that, throw that at me. I think there is going to be some backlash that she s a sex worker for sure, but I think in time they’ll get to like her and see a different side to her.”

What has actor Rob Mallard said about Daniel's new romance?

Speaking about what initially attracted his character Daniel towards Nicky, Rob told "Nicky has no boundaries and for Daniel, who is so uptight, it’s refreshing to have someone who doesn’t tip-toe around him.

"She is very bolshy and that is what attracts him. She is very opposite to Sinead because Sinead wasn’t like that but they are both a similar height, both are blonde and from the first glance, subconsciously, he will have been drawn to her. But she has a completely different energy to Sinead."

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