Coronation Street exit: Is Rachel Leskovac leaving as Natasha Blakeman?

Coronation Street: Natasha tells Nick to leave

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Rachel has been enjoying her second stint on Coronation Street as Natasha over the past year as she was reintroduced during the coronavirus pandemic as the mother of Nick Tilsley’s (played by Ben Price) son, Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan). The character has been a lot different to the manipulative and destructive person she was 10 years ago, with fans of the ITV soap falling in love with the hairdresser. However, in last week’s action-packed episodes, the beloved cobbles resident was caught in the crossfire between Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson). With her life on the line, it seems the actress could be bowing out for good.

Is Rachel Leskovac leaving Coronation Street as Natasha Blakeman?

Natasha star Rachel made her first appearance in Weatherfield back in 2008 when she was introduced as a new stylist working in Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) hair salon.

Her first stint on the cobbles was littered with drama as she found herself at the centre of some high profile storylines, including faking a pregnancy to trap Nick.

By the time she left, fans thought they would never see her again but she was drafted back in when Leanne’s son Oliver Battersby (Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham) became incredibly ill.

Over the past 12 months, she has been a support to her former lover and his partner, as well as becoming an extended member of the Platt family, something viewers might have thought impossible a decade ago.

Currently, there is no confirmation Rachel is leaving the show again or has quit the role of Natasha for good but spoilers have indicated a departure is on the cards and it could be a surprise right up until transmission.

Is Natasha Blakeman going to die on Coronation Street?

For super soap week, Natasha was nowhere to be seen as it was revealed in Monday night’s double-bill she was stuck in traffic and would not be back to take her son to the Horror-nation Street Halloween event.

Nick, therefore, asked his partner Leanne to dress up in the costume Sam’s mother would have worn and although she was hesitant, Leanne finally agreed.

What happened next was unprecedented as Leanne went head to head with villain Harvey, which led to a cat and mouse chase around the cobbles.

Unfortunately, in a horrific case of mistaken identity, the drug lord shot Natasha when he entered Nick’s flat.

The hairdresser had made it back to Weatherfield and got dressed up to surprise her son who she thought was in her former lover’s apartment.

I’m far more gutted about Natasha

Coronation Street viewer

As she was in the same costume as Leanne, Harvey didn’t realise it was actually Natasha who he had shot and he fled the scene.

Leanne and Nick managed to find Natasha and called for an ambulance but by the end of Friday night’s episodes, it wasn’t revealed whether she had been killed off.

Over the weekend, the soap bosses have released a few spoilers for upcoming scenes which reveal Sam’s mother lay up in a hospital bed.

Although she has undergone an initial operation, Natasha’s loved ones are told she needs to go back into surgery.

Not knowing whether she will make it through, the mother of one decides it’s time to say goodbye to her son.

With Sam telling Natasha she is the best mother in the world, Rachel’s character tells her son she loves him very much.

Nick gives his former lover a knowing smile, putting her mind at ease he will look after Sam if she doesn’t make it.

The Blakeman/Tilsley/Battersby clan wait anxiously as the doctors get to work on trying to save Natasha’s life.

The young schoolboy writes his mother a good luck card, hoping it will cheer her up when she comes out of surgery.

However, his father can’t hide his woes as he is concerned Natasha won’t live to see their son grow up and succeed with his life.

Taking to Twitter, fans also believe Natasha could die as Ryan wrote: “Just watched Friday night’s #Corrie. Not Natasha!”

AM posted: “I guessed one of the characters was being killed off as soon as [Nick and Leanne] started talking about the future. Was growing to like Natasha and fancied her a bit too.”

In reference to Johnny Connor’s (Richard Hawley) death on Friday, Mark added: “It is sad about Johnny but I’m far more gutted about Natasha #Corrie.”

Sal commented: “I am so livid that #Corrie has killed Natasha off, a great character played by a brilliant actress. They don’t realise how popular you are! What a waste!”

Again, there is no official announcement Rachel is leaving the show, with bosses only confirming the news if Natasha dies in Monday night’s episodes.

When the actress first returned to the soap last September, she was full of enthusiasm for reviving her alter-ego.

Rachel said: “It’s pretty much 10 years since Natasha left in the back of a taxi heartbroken and in some respects, it feels like I’ve never been away because so many of the cast and crew are still there.

“It feels like I’m being welcomed back into the family which is such a lovely feeling. I’m incredibly happy to be back on the cobbles.”

Asked how it felt to be reunited with the stars who play Nick and Leanne, she added: “Amazing, they’re just such pros and so welcoming.

“It is nerve-wracking going back after so long but the pair of them are just so easy to work with that I loved it from the very first scene. I feel there’s a genuine chemistry there which is great.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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