Coronation Street fans break down in tears as Oliver Battersby dies in mum Leanne's arms

CORONATION Street viewers have broken down in tears after Oliver Battersby died surrounded with his parents.

The toddler was taken off life support after his mum Leanne dropped her appeal to force the hospital to keep him alive.

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His liver had failed and his body was beginning to shut down forcing the hospital to keep resuscitating him.

After a panic about getting him the correct pyjamas Leanne realised she was just putting off the inevitable and went back to the hospital to say goodbye.

“We’re ready,” she told Dr Howarth as she walked back into the room to hold her son one last time.

Struggling to hold it together, Leanne sobbed by Oliver’s bedside with his dad Steve with her.

“It’s so quiet now,” Leanne said.

“We’re here, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

Steve added: “We love you son. You’re the most loved little boy in the whole wide world.”

Leanne and Steve then began to sing You Are My Sunshine through their tears as Oliver slipped away.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away,” she sang before her voice broke.

She broke down as he died at his bedside and the scenes left viewers broken hearted.

One wrote: "What an emotional episode of @itvcorrie wow I'm in tears
@RealJaneDanson #BenPrice @simongregson123 @kateford76 @RealGeorgiaT & everyone else has been incredible."

A second said: "#Corrie killed me tonight Loudly crying face #Oliver."

Another added: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. @RealJaneDanson
is the best. How heartbreaking."

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