Coronation Street fans convinced Geoff Metcalfe MURDERS ex-wife Elaine in grisly scenes

CORONATION Street fans convinced Geoff Metcalfe has murdered ex-wife Elaine.

The pair came face-to-face in tonight's episode and after a furious broke out between the pair initially, Geoff's ex-wife was nowhere to be found once the credits rolled.

Elaine, who was once abused by the evil hospital DJ, contacted Yasmeen after she heard her story and wanted to help her fight her case against Geoff.

In tonight's episode, she bumped into Sally in the cafe and soon told her the story of how she is the mother of her husband Tim and why she left when he was young.

Elaine started to get nervous at the thought of testifying against Geoff in court and the thought of Tim being there and hearing her story frightened her even more.

But Sally did her best to convince Elaine to speak to Tim again and try and help Yasmeen in a way that she wasn't able to help or be there for her son.

Buoyed by Sally's encouraging words, we would later see Elaine on her way to try her luck with Tim again, and then she got the shock of her life.

Geoff uttered: "Long time no see, Phillipa", which left her frozen in her tracks.

Geoff ordered Elaine, whose real name is Phillipa, to leave as he vowed that she would not "ruin" things for him in Wetherfield.

Elaine stood firm and yelled: "I'm not scared of you!", before Geoff hissed back: "Well you should be", and started to creep his way towards her.

When we next saw Geoff, he was getting into his car and had Elaine's phone in his possession, which he began to take apart.

He removed the battery and sim card, the latter of which he proceeded to throw in the gutter.

Has Geoff really gone and murdered his ex-wife? Or will she make a triumphant return to testify against him in court?

Fans were convinced Geoff had murdered Elaine.

One fan tweeted: "Has Geoff killed Elaine? @itvcorrie"

A second viewer wrote: "Geoff's killed Elaine or left her tied up somewhere."

While another user said: "Elaine's dead then. #Corrie"

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