Coronation Street fans spot Gary Windass’ massive blunder that will send him to prison after Rick Neelan’s body is found – The Sun

CORONATION Street's Gary Windass has made a massive blunder that will lead to his downfall – and fans have spotted it.

The killer builder – who is played by actor Mikey North in the ITV soap – has long been hiding the fact he murdered loan shark Rick Neelan and took over his business.

Only one other person knows about his crime – and has promised to keep his secret as long as he continues to fund Rick's daughter Kelly's life at a private school.

However viewers know that Kelly's mum put an end to that – and Gary couldn't help but get involved.

But instead of keeping them at arm's length – he has begun to tell people that he is in contact with murdered Rick – something fans have realised is a huge blunder and will come back to haunt him.

One wrote: "I'm sure Rick's body will be found eventually, then questions will be asked about how Gary has been in regular contact with a guy who's been dead for months!"

Another added: "Exactly – it just seems so bizarre the way he is doing that. Makes no sense that I can see."

Corrie boss Iain Macleod previously revealed that Rick's body would be found this year – and no doubt questions will arise for Gary.

Speaking last year he has that the traditional huge storyline week around May would see the body being found – but the pandemic shutdown has delayed that.

He said: "Adam Barlow is secretly conspiring against him and will threaten to lead Adam and therefore the authorities to Rick’s final resting place.

Iain added: "We’re aware that Rick’s body is resting over there, and we are resisting the urge to dig it up as it feels like everyone is expecting us to.

"So, I hope we’re playing in a good way with the audience’s expectations around that."

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