Coronation Street fans spotted a Pat Phelan blunder on Britain's Got Talent

Coronation Street has been gripping viewers as the dramatic Pat Phelan storyline continues this week.

But fans who also tuned in to Britain’s Got Talent on Tuesday night (May 29) couldn’t help but notice a fun little mistake.

The reality TV show, airing its second semi-final of the series, was coming to an end when presenter Declan Donnelly teased what was coming up on Coronation Street.

    “Stay tuned to Corrie to find out what happened to Pat Phelan in the butcher’s yard, and spoiler alert – he’s not mixing cement,” he said.

    Of course, Phelan worked as a builder and you don’t mix cement at a “butcher’s yard”.

    Nicola Thorp, who stars on the ITV soap as Phelan’s daughter Nicola Rubinstein, was among those who spotted the error.

    “I can’t wait to find out what happens to Pat Phelan in the ‘butcher’s yard’ either, Dec,” she joked on Twitter.

    Here are more reactions to the small but amusing slip-up:

    Coronation Street returns tonight (May 30), as Phelan manages to turn the tables on Gary Windass.

    Held captive by Gary, Phelan sees little Jack Webster as his best chance of escape following the schoolboy’s unexpected appearance at the butcher’s builder’s yard.

      Resorting to bribery, Phelan offers £10 to Jack in exchange for setting him free – and he’s delighted when Kevin’s impressionable son agrees to the deal…

      Coronation Street and Britain’s Got Talent both air on ITV.

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