Coronation Street sepsis story helps to save the life of a 4-month-old baby

An episode of Coronation Street may have actually saved a baby’s life.

When mother Aoife Duffy’s discovered that her four-month-old was in serious discomfort, she made a GP appointment – but after remembering the Jack Webster storyline in Corrie where he is diagnosed with sepsis, she decided to rush her baby to an emergency department instead.

“We made a GP appointment, but I googled her symptoms and remembered on Coronation Street when the symptoms weren’t picked up by the GP several times, so I didn’t want to take any chances,” Duffy told Belfast Live.

She added: “They saw us straight away and took a sample of her urine which showed signs of infection.

“Quite early on the doctor could see that sepsis was developing. They feared meningitis and had to test for it.”

Her daughter was eventually diagnosed with sepsis, but the doctor soon got everything under control.

Aoife would naturally have feared the worst after watching the Jack Webster sepsis storyline unfold.

In July, Corrie aired heartbreaking scenes as Jack was forced to amputate his foot due to the spread of the infection.

Thankfully, Aoife’s daughter is now in good health.

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