Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin Webster devastated as Debbie tells him Abi is having an affair with Peter

KEVIN Webster will be left reeling next week in Coronation Street when his sister Debbie tells him Abi is having an affair with Peter. 

Peter came to the rescue of recovering drug addict Abi – who is played by Sally Carman in the ITV soap – when she fell off the wagon and stole some morphine from hospital following a gruesome accident at work. 

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But next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Carla get the wrong end of the stick when Jenny mentions that Peter has been calming down Abi.

Later, when Carla quizzes him about Abi, Peter insists that he’s told her he won’t help her anymore. 

Later, Peter asks Abi to keep the fact that she made a pass on him under the radar – and she promises to keep it quiet. 

But it all kicks off later when Debbie corners Peter and orders him to keep his distance from Abi – and threatens to tell Carla that he’s been sniffing around her. 

Peter has a go at Abi for telling everything to Debbie and decides he better tell Carla about the incident before Debbie does. 

But Abi begs him not to in order to save her relationship with Kevin – and Peter eventually agrees. 

Later in the week, after telling Debbie and Kevin that she’s spending the day with Seb, Abi is annoyed to remember she has a physio appointment. 

Rushing into a cab, Abi is shocked to see that Peter is her driver. 

Mary later mentions to Debbie that she saw Peter and Abi driving off together, piquing her suspicions.

When Kevin gets home, Debbie reveals that Abi is having an affair. 

Later, Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that nothing is going on. 

But disaster strikes when Abi is forced to reveal she made a pass at Peter.

Will things be over between Kevin and Abi – and Carla and Peter?

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