Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne and Nick grow closer as she admits she was swindled out of the £25k he gave her

After knocking back glasses of wine in the pub, Leanne, who is played by Jane Danson, opens up about the massive theft she suffered last Christmas.

She reveals: "I didn't even sleep with the guy, but he nicked my phone, he swiped my details and he cleared my bank account of 25 grand."

"You're kidding," he replies. "Was the money that…"

"Yeah, the money you gave me from the sale of the flat," she answers.

"Why didn't you say anything?" asks Nick, who is played by Ben Price.

Miming picking up the phone, Leanne replies sarcastically: "Oh yeah, hello Nick. You know that big wadge of cash that you gave me?

"Well some complete stranger's just robbed it all. Can I have some more please?"

He seems to find that very amusing – and she later admits: "I haven't laughed like this for ages."

When she probes Nick over whether he's met his Cinderella, he replies with a twinkle: "I met an Elsa."

Leanne quips: "Don't tell me – frigid?"

"Frozen," he jokes.

"Oh, let it go," she deadpans back.

Right you two, get a room right this instant.

Poor Leanne had £25,000 of life savings robbed from her bank account last year after unknowingly sharing her passwords with her date – who it turns out only wanted her money.

However, if that wasn't messy enough, Nick's wife, who really is called Elsa, is about to overhear something that will land him in very hot water indeed.

As ever, it's all about to kick off in Corrie.

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