Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne Battersby forced to sell drugs for kingpin Harvey

LEANNE Battersby is forced to sell drugs for kingpin Harvey next week in Coronation Street. 

The ITV soap has confirmed that the grieving mother – who is played by Jane Danson – will be drawn in to Harvey’s web in the coming weeks as she battles to protect her son.

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The drug lord will threaten Simon this week when he tries to pull out of drug dealing, leading Leanne to head out guns blazing to tell him to leave her son alone.

But clearly the meeting won't go quite as Leanne plans as next week’s episodes of Corrie will see a sheepish Leanne take steps to pay Harvey off.

Leanne attempts to get her job back but is disheartened when Imran refuses to give her an advance. 

Eventually, Leanne manages to get Nick to loan her some of the money and hands it over to Harvey, telling him it’s all he’s getting. 

But Harvey makes clear he’ll land her and Simon in hospital if they don’t pay up. 

Leanne returns home and tells a relieved Simon that everything is sorted but, as he heads off, viewers will see Leanne pull a bag of drugs out of her handbag. 

After receiving a text from Harvey with the details, Leanne arrives at a flat and comes face to face with a menacing bloke as he checks the pills. 

Later, Leanne gets another call from Harvey giving her the details of the next drugs drop. 

Leanne fights back tears as she realises she’s well and truly trapped.

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