Coronation Street twist as Imran Habeeb killed by Faye Windass after betrayal?

Corrie: Imran and Toyah talk about their fostering plans

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Imran (played by Charlie De Melo) has been focussing on his relationship with Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) in recent weeks on Coronation Street after he had a one-night stand behind her back last year. Therefore, he hasn’t given much attention to the crime he was a witness to at the beginning of last month when Faye (Ellie Leach) and Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) returned from to the cobbles from a New Year’s Eve party. A police investigation has now been launched into the death they were a part of on the ITV soap and in upcoming scenes, the lawyer may well be questioned about any suspicious behaviour he has seen recently. As he thinks back to the conversation with the two young women, his days may well be numbered as he threatens to send Faye back to prison.

Viewers know the pair are responsible for running down a pensioner on New Year’s Day and although he was alright, to begin with, they later discovered he had died.

Before they knew the fate of the old man, they returned to the cobbles in high spirits and still a bit drunk from the night before, Emma bumped into Imran and told him all about the party she went to.

The girls almost let slip Emma had been supervising trainee driver Faye the morning after she let her hair down and he told them they could be in serious trouble.

He explained if this scenario did play out and something terrible had happened, Emma would be in just as much trouble as her young learner driver.

News of the pensioner’s death has swept through Weatherfield and yet, Imran has still not put the pieces of the jigsaw together.

As he begins working on the case, having been hired by the family of the deceased to see if they have enough information to allow the police investigation to continue, he could start to realise this sounds very familiar.

Going back to the conversation he had with Faye and Emma earlier this year, the lawyer could have his suspicions they know something about the death.

He could confront the young women and ask them to be honest with him about what happened on the morning of New Year’s Day.

Although Faye might hold it together, Emma has become very tentative about the subject and could give Imran everything on a plate.

The youngsters would plead with him to keep their secret but being a man of the law, he could tell them he is going to report them.

Imran can actually incriminate them

Iain MacLeod

Not willing to go back to jail so soon after being released, Faye could begin to plan how she could silence the lawyer.

Back in 2020, she demonstrated she is capable of killing someone after she committed Grievous Bodily Harm against Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

The youngster was intending to harm Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) after he sexually assaulted her but she made a big mistake by hitting Imran’s colleague around the head instead.

It could be a double whammy for Faye as she convinces herself getting rid of the other lawyer on the cobbles would help her maintain her freedom.

As she goes to desperate lengths to keep her deadly secret harboured, will anyone realise she killed Imran?

Speaking to and other media ahead of the storyline beginning in January, executive producer Iain MacLeod teased Imran’s involvement in the deadly plot.

The soap boss explained a little bit about the unintentional death as he said: “They take [the pensioner] home, they’ve made him comfortable and he’s fine.

“When you watch it, I think what you’ll feel is that all of the decisions they make are totally in keeping with the decisions that you or I might make.

“But unfortunately, when you add them all up, it just turns into a total nightmare,” he continued, before discussing the lawyer’s involvement.

“Suddenly, when things take a turn for the worse, they realise there’s already a number of witnesses like Imran, who can actually incriminate them.”

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“It’s an interesting story because it’s a case of waking up in the morning and everything looks normal, but then by the time the sun sets, your life is upside down and you’re facing really serious legal ramifications potentially,” he shared.

Will an accidental death finally lead Faye to snap and allow her true darkness to take over as she becomes a killer who knows she is capable of murder?

There hasn’t been a serial killer on the cobbles since her brother, Gary Windass (Mikey North) found himself behind a number of deaths.

Although he only committed one himself, his actions and behaviours led to the death of numerous beloved characters on the show.

It could be his deadly senses which makes him realise something is not right about his sister and she is going down a dark path.

Having been responsible for Rana Habeeb’s (Bhavna Limbachia) death, he could help to get rid of Imran’s body if Faye confesses her sins to him.

Gary would be shocked to learn his sister took down someone who was completely innocent but he could understand her reasoning for doing so.

He could make her promise she is not to kill anyone else again and they will put Imran’s death in the past where it belongs.

But as people start asking a lot of uncomfortable questions, the youngster could be forced to take matters into her own hands once again.

Coronation Street currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm and Fridays at 7:30pm for an hour on ITV.

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