Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp reveals Pat Phelan's death will be bloody

The Brit model and actress revealed the shocking extent of the serial killer's departure from the ITV soap.

Nicola, 29, plays Nicola Rubinstein, who is the estranged daughter of Pat, played by Connor McIntyre, 57.

She said: "There’s an awful lot of blood. Even with the watershed you’re not allowed to show as much as you might think.

"So I know it had to be restricted in some sense."

Nicola, who this year won The British Soap Award for Best Newcomer, joined Sue Cleaver, 54, who is cast as Pat's wife Eileen Grimshaw.

Sue added: "I actually thought the blood it was quite restrained. I expected more.

"[But] it has to be after the watershed to do it justice I believe. I really think so.

"Often there’s not a need for that, but in this case and this story, definitely it was the right decision."

Nicola continued: "I didn’t realise this when we were filming it actually, but the five episodes actually take place on one day.

"So it's essentially a two and a half hour episode, so you get to tell a much longer story within the space of a day than you normally would."

Nicola, from Blackpool, also said that she'll miss actor Connor because of how convincing he is in the role.

He said: "He’s such a method actor, and so it's really interesting playing those kind of scenes with him, particularly as I have the same name as my character.

"Sometimes I get a bit scared whether he means Nicola Thorp or Nicola Rubenstein when he’s shouting at you! But he was my Dad and brought me into the show so I’ll never forget that."

This month pregnant Nicola Rubinstein was found unconscious at Eileen's home ahead of the return of Pat.

It came after she prepared to leave Weatherfield for Australia in a bid to get away from the businessman, builder and con artist who first arrived on the soap in 2013 and made himself an enemy of the Windass family.

His ex-wife Valerie divorced him the following year and in 2017 he married Eileen.

Meanwhile social worker Nicola,  his long-lost daughter from his affair with Annabel Rubenstein, fell pregnant after a one-night stand with Gary Windass.

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