Coronation Street’s Sally Carman admits ‘terrifying’ stunt scene ‘pushed her to her limit’

Coronation Street viewers watched in fear last night as Abi (played by Sally Carman) and Corey (Maximus Evans) came face-to-face in a furious showdown – only to fall through the sinkhole into the sewer below.

And actress Sally Carman, who plays vengeful Abi, has revealed she was similarly worried when she read what was in store for her character in the script, especially when it came to the ‘terrifying’ stunt scenes.

The 46-year-old star admitted: “I was a little like, ‘O-kay….’ but I couldn’t wait to get started.”

She added: “It was epic. It was hard work but I really, really got into it. It was a real experience but it pushed me to my limits, I have to say.”

Continuing to reflect on the day of the big action scenes, Sally explained that despite her nerves, adrenaline eventually took over and she threw herself into filming the sinkhole collapse.

She said: “It was the very last thing we did, being dropped through the trap door.”

“And I’ve got to say, you went through this trapdoor into these piles and piles of cardboard boxes and as soon as it was done and they said, ‘Cut!’ I went, ‘Right! I’m not doing that again!’”

She added with a smile: “Everyone was laughing. And luckily they got what they needed in that one shot because it was terrifying! But it was good fun.”

Opening up further about the challenges of the scenes, which will air over the next few days as part of Super Soap Week, Sally went on to say that the cold weather conditions initially took their toll on her and the rest of the cast.

She explained: “We started on the Monday and we finished on the Sunday, and by Tuesday I was like, ‘I can’t do this!’”

“Because we were permanently wet, it was so cold and wet. But weirdly, as the week went on, it’s like my body just acclimatised and it was brilliant.”

Now, Sally looks back on the experience as one of her best times on the Street so far. She recalled: “I mean it was brilliant from start to finish, such a brilliant experience.”

“To be able to do a storyline like this and get such good feedback and to have the opportunity to be able to do the scenes I’ve been able to do and have these brilliant words to say, I just feel so lucky.”

She concluded: “And I really don’t take it for granted. Whatever happens going forwards, I will always have this moment. I feel very very lucky indeed."

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