Corrie fan acts out scenes that will leave you creased and the cast love them

A passionate Coronation Street fan has been delighting social media and the soap world with hilarious videos which re-enact key scenes from the many adventures of the Platt family – from Audrey and Gail catching Bethany at the strip club through to David…cooking fish cakes.

Fans – not to mention cast members including Tina O’Brien, Jack P Shepherd and Lucy Fallon (who has begged for more to be made) – have been left creased at the one person show of 15-year-old Manchester student Holly Barron.

With outrageous costumes and exaggerated acting including Gail constantly boozing from two wine glasses at once, Holly dubs over the real voice footage as she perfectly mimics and gestures her way through the scenes.

Trust us, once you have watched one, you will want to watch them all. Here’s a particular favourite of ours:

The beauty of the videos is not just the on point facial expressions (Holly does a spot on Bethany Platt scowl) but also the seemingly random additions that leave us with so many questions such as why does Gail wear swimming goggles? Why does David cook fish fingers in a pan while they’re still in a box? Why does Gail spray deodorant around when she sasses Bethany?

None of it matters – if you can manage your way through one of these without laughing, your soul must be suffering.

Speaking about her side project, Corrie lover Holly told that she set up her YouTube channel in 2017 and shares the videos on Twitter, which are getting more and more noticed.

She explained: ‘I want to be an actress and the actors in the Platt family are a big inspiration to me, especially Lucy and Tina and I love Gail because she is so funny.’

If Corrie ever need to make budget cuts, they could do worse than replacing the entire Platt family with Holly.

You can follow her Twitter account @vougeluctina for more videos which are also found on her YouTube channel here. 

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