Corrie’s Johnny lays into Eva in savage mediation before threatening his wife

Johnny Connor is currently fighting for custody of baby Susie, who is being looked after by her mother, Eva Price.

Johnny wanted to get custody after discovering the baby was being looked after by Eva, who had lied about being pregnant, given her baby away to her half sister, Toyah Battersby, before taking her back after Susie’s father, Aidan Connor, took his own life.

Her friend, Adam Barlow, then tried to help assure her of her success in gaining full custody, by providing her with a fake DNA test which would deprive Johnny of his claim.

But Johnny discovered this and took her to mediation, having been dissuaded from taking her straight to court.

He sat across from Eva, along with his wife, Jenny, and gave his case for why he should keep the baby, and gave his pretty savage reasons for going after her.

Johnny was utterly scathing of Eva, saying: "My son killed himself, that’s what happened.

"So there you go, we’re all sorry but I can’t hep thinking he [Aidan] might still be with us if this conniving, deceitful… Eva, had been up front with him from the off, with everybody.

"I can’t help thinking I wouldn’t have found him dead if he’d known this one was carrying his child.

"I ask you, what kind of person would do a thing like that?"

He also revealed the fake birth certificate, which had Peter Barlow and the name of the surrogate on it, to show she had faked the names of those who were Susie’s true parents.

Later on, he blamed Jenny for the mediation going south, and even raised his fist to hit her before she told him to, calling on him to be the big man.

The altercations and angry discussions got fans feeling pretty angry, especially at the cruel way he spoke to Jenny and Eva.

One wrote: "Johnny is absolutely vile!! #Corrie"

Another added: "Someone needs to put a muzzle on Johnny #Corrie"

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A third said: "I get Johnny is grieving but the way he treats Jenny is disgusting. She needs to walk away #Corrie"

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