Damon Wayans Quitting Fox’s ‘Lethal Weapon’

Damon Wayans says he’s leaving Fox’s Lethal Weapon for personal reasons in December after its current 13-episode Season 3 order. In an interview, he said the 16-hour workdays and the fact that here’s a “58-year-old diabetic” drove him to the decision.

“I’m giving them enough time to find a replacement,” he told the Electronic Urban Report on Tuesday. Watch a clip above.

Warner Bros TV, which produces the series, had no comment on today’s news.

Wayans was disgruntled about Lethal Weapon going back to last season, when he clashed with co-star Clayne Crawford — the Riggs to his Murtaugh — in a very public feud. CBS eventually fired Crawford over his alleged on-set behavior. Seann William Scott was cast as his replacement in mid-May, and the show was renewed for a third season.

Wayans said he’s exiting the show after its initial 13-episode Season 3 order ends in December, which leaves the door open to Fox picking up more episodes without him — though that pobably isn’t likely considering the circumstances. He said his job on the cop action-drama was putting too much strain on his personal life, noting that his daughter and mother both had recent surgeries that he missed because of filming.

“It’s hard for me to play this loving, supportive father/husband/friend on TV but be the guy in life that who’s telling everybody, ‘I can’t — I have to work.’”

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