Dan Osborne shares dangerous Covid conspiracy claiming the US is injecting microchips under people’s skin to track them

DAN Osborne has shared another dangerous Covid conspiracy claiming the US government is injecting microchips under people’s skin to track them.

The reality TV star re-posted a video from an anti-vaxxer on Instagram who said they "saw it coming" and "the conspiracy freaks were right".

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Scientists HAVE developed a sensor that detects Covid-19 before you start to display symptoms, and they hope the device can "make pandemics a thing of the past".

The device would be inserted under the skin in order to monitor your health – in turn detecting viruses and infections and stopping Covid in its tracks.

The chemical biosensor measures whether or not someone might be about to get sick, possibly with COVID but also with other illnesses.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the US revealed that the device could stop people unknowingly spreading the virus – but it wouldn’t be able to track your every move.

Army infectious disease physician Matt Hepburn also said the device is not a chip but a tissue-like gel which once inserted, would continuously test your blood.

However comments on the video that ex Towie star Dan shared read: "Say no to being tracked with a chip" and "I will cut off my arm before I let them microchip me or my kids" and "Dear Lord Jesus! I am not getting no mark of the beast!"

Dan also captioned his video with the message: "Who saw it coming?"

Last month Dan claimed that a third vaccine jab would spark a "zombie apocalypse".

He responded to reports that the public could need a third jab to protect against new Covid variants, saying it was "bulls**t".

Jacqueline Jossa's husband then shared the clip with his 1.1million Instagram followers, writing: "Have you ever heard so much bulls**t in your life?

"How they're getting away with this I have no idea".

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