Danniella Westbrook removes bandage to reveal hole under her nose

BRAVE Danniella Westbrook dared to reveal the gaping wound beneath her nose as she made her way to a hospital appointment this afternoon.

The former EastEnders star, 43, was booked in to have the painful abscess that has dogged her for months drained of pus and ooze caused by her recent life-threatening blood infection.

Mum-of-two Danniella became sick after undergoing a dental operation for Channel 5's Celebrity Botched Up Bodies – who she is now suing for £750,000.

Showing off her new brunette bob, she looked deep in thought as she strode towards the hospital's entrance, although she managed to raise a slight smile after checking her phone.

It's the first time Danniella has been seen without the discreet flesh coloured bandage that she's worn beneath her nose for the past several months.

The gaping wound beneath her nostril has been the cause of much speculation since it first became visible several months ago, with Danniella forced to deny she had suffered a cocaine relapse after the mysterious mark appeared.

While fans worried that her nose being on the verge of collapse after starting to take class A drugs again, it's all related to some dodgy dental implants that she had fitted as part of Channel 5's Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.

On the show, Danniella had her teeth removed and implants fitted – but things didn't go to plan.

The implants gave her a blood infection and she almost died.

Danniella was forced to spend several weeks in hospital, and left fans fearing for her life as she posted sickly updates from her hospital bed.

A source close to the actress told Sun Online: "Danniella has returned to hospital this afternoon to have all of her nose drained of the septicaemia.

"They'll take out all of the goo and muck and she'll have the bandage refixed.

"She took the bandage off as she walked in to hospital today but later it should look a lot better and less swollen.

"She won't be able to have stitches in the hole, she will need to let it heal naturally.

"The septicaemia caused by the dodgy teeth implants has caused a pocket of infection to build up just below her right nostril.

"She's been in absolute agony, but after today's procedure and a follow-up next week she should be a bit closer to healing and getting her life back."

The skin in and around Danniella's nose was already very fragile after she needed an operation to rebuild her septum in 2000.

Ahead of her appointment, she updated fans on social media, using Snapchat to declare she was going to "kick septicaemia up the a**e."

A spokesperson for Danniella said: "Contrary to any speculation the injury to Daniella Westbrook is caused by the side effects of surgery and is the subject of clinical negligence litigation.

"She has instructed solicitors to pursue a claim for damages.

"As a health matter we would ask that you respect her privacy."

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