Danny Dyer ‘will cry’ when he meets Jack and did not okay Love Island sex

Joanne Mas said her husband Danny Dyer will cry when he meets Jack Fincham – but he never gave his daughter permission to get down and dirty in Love Island .

Danny Dyer is known as the overprotective father, with Dani even saying in the Beach Hut that Jack will only occupy the second place in her heart as her dad will always be first.

But Jo said Danny will cry when he meets his daughter’s new beau, knowing that he will be the one to take her away from the family.

She said: "Danny really likes Jack but I think Danny, when he meets Jack, I think he’ll probably cry because, ‘you’ve took my child away from me.’

"Or he could be like, he’s making out like a big hard man as if he’s in The Business."

Jo did a hilarious impression of Danny’s "hard man" attempt by manspreading and putting her arms behind the couch, as if to show off Danny’s manliness.

But she also addressed rumours that Danny said it was all fine for his daughter to have sex in the Love Island villa, saying a father would never do that.

She said: "When we both heard he had said, ‘oh you got to do what you got to do’ it was ridiculous.

"No dad is ever going to say that, no mum is ever going to encourage that so it wasn’t really a subject he was going to speak about because it was all rubbish."

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Jo even admitted she would be disappointed if her daughter had sex in the villa, saying: "Of course I would be disappointed but I know her she’s not going to do that – she’s too sweet."

The mother of three added that she wouldn’t have suggested her daughter go in the villa if she believed Dani would be doing that on the show.

But Jo is excited to meet Jack, believing Dani was right to pick Jack at the beginning as he was definitely "her type."

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She reckons they couple will definitely win the show hoping that happens so she and Danny are able to head into the villa, which he will definitely do after loving all the mentions of his name in the villa so far.

Dani and Jack have won the nation’s heart with their genuine affection for one another, declaring they are boyfriend and girlfriend and that they love one another before going anywhere near sex under the sheets.

Love Island airs weekdays and Sundays from 9pm on ITV2, and This Morning airs weekdays from 10.30am on ITV.

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