Denise Welch sparks outrage as Loose Women fans blast NHS strikes rant

Loose Women: Denise Welch discusses doctors strike

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The Loose Women panel discussed the latest reports about doctors, who are threatening to go on strike because they want a 30 percent pay rise. The debate left the panel divided, and ITV host Denise Welch angered some viewers with her opinion on the subject.

Charlene White began by asking Denise whether she thought the move was justified.

Denise started her rant by claiming the NHS was in a crisis before the pandemic.

“I can’t think of anything worse than the doctors or anybody in the NHS going on strike at this time when the NHS is in such a crisis,” she said.

“But COVID-19, in my humble opinion and many others, was a great excuse to blame everything on Covid for the disaster of the NHS.

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“I mean they got rid of beds and I spoke to a couple of doctors, junior doctors, in particular, working nearly 24-hour shifts.

“It’s an absolute disaster and A&E is completely overrun because people aren’t still able to get what they want.

“It’s a face-to-face appointment with the GP and we know that that’s being sort of phased out.

“So they’re turning up at A&E to try and see someone face to face and we’ve always known that the NHS are hugely underpaid and I’m talking more about nurses.”

She went on to point out that she’s not qualified to talk about what the doctors get paid, but went on to reflect on how the strike will affect everyone.

“But having spent the greater part of last year in and out of hospital when I was allowed to be with my father, I saw some wonderful work done,” Denise praised before adding: “But I saw the NHS in a disastrous state.

“And unless these things happen, is there going to be change?”

Janet Street-Porter agreed with her co-star, admitting junior doctors are right to complain about their pay.

Following the segment, angry viewers took to social media to air their frustration over Denise’s rant.

Many claimed the panellist was spreading “misinformation” about the NHS.

Sara fumed: ” B*****s do nurses spend every single minute at their computers while patients cry out in pain. Denise Welch is a dangerous woman with the c**p she spouts. #LooseWomen.”

Jean Jones penned: “‘Certain Protocols’. What Denise means is that Covid safety is a HUGE inconvenience for her #LooseWomen.” (sic)

She later tweeted: “Denise doesn’t care about people getting and dying from COVID as long as she gets to do what she wants and go on holiday. Her COVID rants and misinformation spreading that are still going on is insane. #LooseWomen.”

Jay Baker added: “You aren’t qualified at all Denise. What are her qualifications?”

Craig went on to rage: “Denise always huffing & puffing and pulling stupid faces #LooseWomen.”

“Why is she even on the panel? She hates being there, you can tell. And here we go, she knows the postmen. Just like she knew the doctors,” Carole replied.

While user @Bella_Boo said: “The question was about strike action. Welch launches into her favourite subject..trashing the NHS.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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