Derrick Jaxn's wife secretly filed for divorce from cheating YouTuber in August before canceling filing two months later

YOUTUBER Derrick Jaxn’s wife secretly filed for divorce in August before canceling the filing two months later, as he admitted to cheating on his wife when two women came forward last week. 

Derrick’s wife of four years, Da’Naia Jackson, filed for divorce from the relationship expert on August 28, 2020, a clerk from Fulton County Court confirmed to The Sun. 

Derrick, 31, never responded to the petition for divorce. 

Da’Naia, 32, then filed to dismiss the divorce petition on October 2, 2020 after they reconciled.

The couple shares two children together. 

Derrick, whose real last name is Jackson, admitted to cheating on his wife after two women came forward claiming they had an affair with the author. 

He admitted in a YouTube video while holding hands with his wife: “Derrick Jackson was involved with other women outside of the marriage.”

"I'm talking about things as serious as sex, sexual flirtation, and that kinda thing. And some things that may be considered ok by some in terms of chatting and checking in with people who I had a previous encounter with, but without my wife's knowledge and with us having a sexual history, all of it falls under the umbrella of inappropriate, cheating, affair, stepping out.

"Definitely not in line with the vows that I took and certainly not in alignment with the biblical standard of what it means to be faithful, which is the standard that I'm going by now.”

The YouTuber revealed his wife was aware of the affairs.

She said: “There is no justification for bringing other women into our marriage on any level and it was unacceptable.

"It's not something that I tolerate or we tolerate moving forward and when I've been flooded with messages that I need to leave and why haven't I left, the answer is that when I found about it, I left.

"I didn't hesitate or waste time to do so. And I stayed gone, no matter how many times he came, I stayed gone and stayed firm in my decision and I did not come back until I saw a shift and change in his mentality and how he carried himself and how he presented himself in conversations that we were able to have that we were never able to have in 12 years of knowing each other.”

She continued: "So today, where I'm at, it's at peace and by his side and I have no hesitation or hurt or shame about that, and it's only because of the grace of God and the mercy of God. 

“And we have already turned a new chapter in this story and we are continuing to move forward and we are just now sharing this with you, and I forgave him and most importantly, God has forgiven him and the others as well.”

In a separate YouTube video, Da’Naia revealed she had filed for divorce when she learned of the affairs and that they were separated for most of 2020. 

She also claimed he cheated before their marriage. 

Da’Naia said: "The only reason I even entertained coming back was because there was an actual shift in your mentality and how you dealt with me. You eliminating people from your life. Cutting off these connections with these people and that is something you never done, you never hinted at that. 

“Even with the trying again, breaking up, getting back together. All of it, you had never done that before. Also, your pursuit of God and your continued pursuit with or without me. I was out of your life. It was over."

A woman named Candice De Medeiros claimed to YouTuber Tasha K last week that he planned a Miami getaway with her in July 2020.

She claimed Derrick also brought her to the Atlanta home he shares with his wife.

She further claimed that Derrick convinced her he was separated from his wife and that she was staying with family in Colorado after seeing boxes in his home while visiting.

The influencer became suspicious of Derrick when he began communicating with her through Snapchat because his wife was staying in the home.

She claimed he then blocked her from social media. 

A second mistress came forward to Tasha K, claiming she had a six-month affair with Derrick in August 2019. 

She claimed she messaged him on Instagram while going through a breakup. 

The two met up and had “instant chemistry” and “sparks,” as she didn’t know he was married. 

She claimed he told her he was “unfortunately married," but that they were separated and going through a divorce. 

The night they met, she claimed he “whipped his d**k out” while in his Atlanta condo. 

The woman told the YouTuber of when he said he reconciled with his wife: “He blocked me on social media, Snapchat. We started out in August [2019] and it went on until May 2020. It was pretty steady. We talked all the time. He was like a friend.”

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