'Dexter: New Blood' Showrunner Confirms 1 Fan Theory Is on the Right Track

If you’ve been following along with the Dexter: New Blood theories, you know there’s a lot that fans got right. From the return of Angel Batista, to the identity of the other serial killer, to the evidence left behind by Dexter Morgan, so many predictions have wound up coming true. So what’ll happen in the end? Dexter: New Blood‘s showrunner confirmed the answer is probably already out there.

Blood is spilling in ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Dexter: New Blood, which premiered in November, invites viewers back into the world of Dexter Morgan, a former crime scene investigator with a side life as a serial killer.

Set a decade after he faked his death and went into hiding, the show finds him in Upstate New York under the alias Jim Lindsay. Dexter has an average life working as a firearms dealer and dating the local police chief, but it begins spiraling following the return of Harrison Morgan, the son he left behind.

Reminded of his past, Dexter slips and commits his first murder since his Miami days. His victim is Matt Caldwell, a local loudmouth responsible for a deadly boating accident. What he doesn’t realize at the time is that Matt is the son of Kurt Caldwell, one of the most powerful and intimidating men in town.

Kurt is a businessman and a seemingly upstanding member of the community, but he also happens to be a serial killer. He preys on innocent women, meaning he’s exactly the kind of person Dexter would want on his table. But Dexter is also on Kurt’s radar for killing his son. The cat and mouse game between them officially started in the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood, released on Dec. 19.

Clyde Phillips addressed the fan theories about ‘Dexter: New Blood’

As the story continues playing out, there’s been a flood of theories pouring out online, trying to figure out how it’ll all end. Fans have presented various ideas, ranging from Dexter’s murder, to Harrison’s death, to Dexter’s imprisonment, to the Morgans’ move back to Miami. While showrunner Clyde Phillips would not confirm anything, he told Esquire that there’s “always” someone who ends up getting it right.

“If I’m honest, there’s always someone on forums who has a funny theory about a dark aspect of one of your series and they are right,” he told the outlet. “We work very hard to protect the plot of the series and then you go on Reddit or wherever and you find yourself with which someone, very intelligent, goes and says: this is what I think is going to happen. And the truth is that it is fascinating that they come to the same conclusions.”

Phillips previously said the Dexter: New Blood finale would “blow up the Internet.”

“It’s going to be surprising, inevitable and it’s going to blow up the Internet,” he told TVLine. “It is, I personally think, the best thing I’ve written.”

While Phillips did not share details, he noted that the episode received high marks from director Marcos Siega.

“[He] thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever directed,” Phillips continued. “I haven’t seen it yet, by the way. I only saw it get shot. We’re editing Episodes 7 and 8 right now, so I haven’t seen 10 yet. I can’t wait, to tell you the truth.”

Three episodes remain until then

Until then, fans can look forward to three more episodes. The trailer for episode 8 shows Elric Kane driving Dexter out to the woods after kidnapping him. It seems Dexter is somehow able to get away, but Elric isn’t too far behind. Angela, meanwhile, seeks out a surviving Dexter victim to question him about what happened to him, leading to a stunning revelation.

Dexter: New Blood airs on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays.

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