Diane Keaton Recreates ‘Book Club’ Kissing Scene With Jimmy Kimmel on ‘Live!’

The blonde actress shares that the kissing scene is one of her favorite scenes in the film, which also stars Andy Gracia.

Diane Keaton planted a kiss on Jimmy Kimmel while recreating a scene from her new movie during a TV appearance on Wednesday night, May 16. The Oscar-winning actress is currently promoting “Book Club, a romantic comedy which follows four friends who read Fifty Shades of Grey as part of their monthly book club, with the story triggering a change in how they each view their personal relationships.

During her interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“, Diane decided to recreate one of her favorite scenes from the film involving her co-star Andy Garcia, getting host Jimmy to act as a stand-in. “Do you want to see what happens with me and Andy in the movie? At the end of the movie, I have this extremely fun moment, I’m seeing Andy and we’re together, and I’m going to kiss him goodbye. Usually, the man does this, but in this particular moment… I go, ‘O.K. baby,’ (and kiss him),” she said, proceeding to plant a kiss right on Jimmy’s lips.

Appearing a little stunned, the late-night talk show host then stated, “A dream has come true for Jimmy Kimmel!” However, right after the smooch, Diane returned to gushing about Andy’s suave nature.

“Andy’s so great in the movie and he’s so much fun to act with. He’s very loose, unlike you, you were stiff,” she laughed. While they were talking, Diane also admitted that she finds something about Jimmy to be very intriguing.

“I’m having a little trouble, it’s hard to come on this show. There’s something about the entrance and then there’s you. And there’s something about you – but I like the band,” the 72-year-old shared. She then asked the presenter, who is married to Molly McNearney, if she could touch his beard. “Oh, nice,” she smiled, as she patted his face. “The grey there, that’s sexy. Don’t you think? It looks good. Every time I see him, I think the same thing.”

Diane’s behavior comes a year after she smooched talk show host Graham Norton, Jessica Chastain and Kevin Bacon on “The Graham Norton Show” to prove how much she loves kissing other actors.

“Book Club”, which also stars Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, hits cinemas from Friday.

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