Doctor Who: David Tennant says season premiere was 'exciting on so many levels'

David Tennant was a busy boy over the weekend promoting his new Amazon show Good Omens at New York Comic Con. But Tennant did find the time to watch Sunday’s season premiere of his old show Doctor Who, which now finds the actor’s Broadchurch co-star Jodie Whittaker playing the titular two-hearted Time Lord.

“Very late last night, I managed to catch up with it,” Tennant told EW Morning Live hosts Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross this morning. “It’s very exciting. It’s very exciting as a fan, you know, as someone who grew up watching Doctor Who, it’s very exciting whenever there’s a kind of rebirth of the show, it’s just an exciting moment anyway. But because Jodie’s a friend and because Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch creator) who now runs the show is a friend, it was exciting on so many levels. But five minutes in, I was just watching it as a fan again, and I’d forgotten that I knew them, and that they were my mates. I was just going, ‘Oh, this is fun, this is exciting!’”

Hear more of that interview, above.

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