Donald Glover Says Ryan Gosling Almost Joined Atlanta Season 3: We Were Going to Do It

With a nearly four-year gap between seasons of the hit FX comedy, the return of “Atlanta” was one of the most anticipated television events of 2022. Critics have raved about Season 3 since its premiere at SXSW this month, and if the buzz surrounding the first episode was any indication, fans have not forgotten about Donald Glover’s hit show during the hiatus.

However, the season was almost a lot buzzier, as Donald Glover recently revealed that the series almost landed a massive guest star for Season 3. Speaking to People, Glover revealed that Ryan Gosling almost appeared in the new season. The actor is apparently a fan of the show, and spoke with Glover on the phone about a role before backing out at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict.

“He said he was a big fan, but he had something else, and it just didn’t work out,” Glover said. “I was so bummed because the part was so great for him!”

Much of Season 3 of “Atlanta” takes place in Europe, so the possibilities for characters Gosling could have played are endless. Glover’s enthusiasm for the character he was set to play will likely leave fans of the show speculating about it for years to come.

And unfortunately, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about Gosling appearing in the next season either. The fourth (and final) season of “Atlanta” was filmed back-to-back with Season 3, so the entire series has already wrapped. Gosling’s mysterious character will have to join a long list of Hollywood “what if” stories of projects that never materialized.

“Atlanta” Season 3 premiered on March 24, with new episodes airing on FX every Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET. Episodes stream on Hulu the following day. 

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