Doom Patrol's Robotman is revealed in new set pictures from DC Universe series

The first set image from superhero series Doom Patrol has surfaced, featuring Brendan Fraser’s Robotman.

Actor Riley Shanahan’s physicality will be used for the character, but Fraser’s down for Robotman’s vocal performance and flashback scenes as Clifford Steele.

Cliff is a former race car driver whose body is rendered uninhabitable following a road accident, but his brain is saved by the mysterious Dr Caulder (played by Timothy Dalton) and his consciousness lives on through a mechanical body.

The on-set image sees Robotman clothed in a black leather jacket, with a T-shirt, ripped jeans and boots finishing off the ensemble. His robotic features appear somewhat rusty, but the rest of him could actually be a nod to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ruthless Terminator.

Doom Patrol is a spin-off from DC’s Titans and will consist of 13 episodes, eventually airing on DC’s streaming service.

It’s recently been confirmed that Firefly favourite Alan Tudyk will be portraying the villainous Mr Nobody on the show. The character was originally a guy named Eric Morden, who’s subjected to dodgy experiments by a group of former Nazis.

Eric then becomes Mr Nobody, a living shadow who’s capable of draining the sanity from people.

EastEnders‘ Joivan Wade is also on-board starring as Cyborg, with Orange Is the New Black actress Diane Guerrero taking on the role of Crazy Jane.

Doom Patrol is expected to launch with the DC Universe streaming service next year.

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