Dr Alex George reveals he's taking a break from work as he admits 'long and hard year has taken its toll'

DR Alex George has revealed he is taking a break from work after a “long and hard year”.

The 30-year-old A&E doctor admitted he had become stressed and things had “taken their toll on him” after 12 months of fighting Covid on the front line.

The former Love Island star also tragically lost his younger brother Llyr, who took his own life aged 19 in July of last year. 

Taking to Instagram today, Alex candidly opened up about his decision, telling his fans: "It’s been a bit of an up and down week. 

“I always want to be honest with you guys and the last thing I want is for my page to be a highlight of good days, hiding the bad.

"It’s been a long and hard year, which ultimately takes it’s toll. I have really felt it this week and I am aware I need a break. 

“I am taking a full week off from Tuesday. Recognizing when you are becoming stressed and acting on it, is so important.”

The inspiring reality TV favourite continued: “There are good times on the horizon as well as things I want to a achieve, most importantly in my role but also in my personal life and with my new brand (which I am rather proud of ?). 

“To be able to do this I need to look after my physical and mental health. Never be ashamed to take a break, when you need it. I believe it’s a sign of self awareness and ultimately strength. Happy Sunday everyone and remember to be kind to yourself.”

As well as his day job, Alex is the Youth Mental Health Ambassador after being appointed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Alex certainly has a busy year ahead, on top of his ambassadorial role, which he calls his "biggest passion", he will study to become a general practitioner and his book Live Well Every Day will be released in May.

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