Dr Hilary sparks Lorraine fury as fans rage at ‘disgraceful’ teacher remarks

Lorraine 's Dr Hilary Jones left viewers fuming as he told Christine Lampard today that it appeared that some teachers weren't being as socially distant as they could be, which could be spreading coronavirus.

He said: "What appears to be happening is that teachers are going into school and abiding by the duty of care, they're abiding by the rules, looking after the kids, following the hygiene rules.

"You've got one way systems in corridors, bubbles for the children so they're not mixing.

"But then outside of school some of the teachers are not being as socially distancing as they possibly could."

He added: "There's a message from the PAG which says we need to educate the educators.

"They're doing right in the school but its all for nothing if you go home and don't follow the rules.

"Even if children aren't at great risk in school what happens at home and their risk of getting it is much greater than at school, but if the parents aren't obeying the rules then clearly that affects the children and has a knock on effect."

He finished: "So parents and teachers need to follow the rules."

Viewers took to social media to share their fury at the comments, as one said: "Dr Hilary should be back on and issue a grovelling apology to teachers."

Another added: "I have just seen Dr Hilary saying this on #Lorraine absolutely disgraceful attitude to teachers."

A third chipped in: "How dare you Dr. Hilary. So if any teacher catches it then it’s because they have not followed the guidelines. That’s preparing a ‘cop out’ before it comes. I can assure you that EVERY teacher I know, including myself, are following the same rules as everyone else!"

A fourth said: "Dr Hillary please don’t tar all teachers with the same brush – I see first hand what lengths many are going to."

A fifth chipped in: "Incensed with Dr Hilary this morning, suggesting educators are not adhering to social distancing rules .I work in education and all my colleagues and myself have followed the rules .However I know of NHS staff who have flaunted the rules from the start of the pandemic!"

Lorraine continues tomorrow at 9am on ITV.

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