Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow Gush Over Their Friendship — and Wanting an 'Orgasmatron'

Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow are really good friends — and their gushing quotes about each other prove it.

InStyle listened in on a phone call between the pair where the actresses talked about their definition of beauty and close bond.

Paltrow, 45, went first, describing how Barrymore, 43, goes through life “with ruthless optimism and freedom.” She also loves how funny the Santa Clarita Diet actress is.

“Every time I’m with you I marvel at the things that come out of your mouth — sometimes so funny and so dirty and then sometimes so profound,” Paltrow said. “When we were talking about having kids and the impact that it had on us, you said something I use to this day: ‘I was born the day they were born.’ It always gives me goose bumps. You’ll just say something that will knock the wind out of me.”

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Barrymore said equally beautiful things about Paltrow and praised her for being authentic.

“You are my beauty crush because you talk a lot about how we can better ourselves: How do we go through life more educated, more in touch with each other? I don’t think a lot of people can put a level of spirituality into their brands and have it feel so f—ing on point,” Barrymore said about Paltrow’s brand Goop.

But the best part of the conversation came when Paltrow said she’d invent “something that would help people forgive themselves” if she could, and Barrymore had the perfect reply.

“It seems like it would be the cure for everything. I’d have to come up with the f—ing Orgasmatron to match the importance of that,” she joked, with Paltrow replying that she wants that.

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